Vaporizers / Dry Herb

Medivape+ Ultra Vaporizer Medivape
The Medivape+ Ultra, a compact dry herb vaporizer by Waterfall Australia, offers discreet portability with its lightweight and sleek design, featuring five temperature settings and a 1500mAh lithium polymer battery...
PAX PLUS Vaporizer PAX
The ultimate dual-use, portable vaporizer. PAX Plus brings the best out of your flower and concentrates in smooth sessions without any harsh smoke.Includes:  Flat & Raised Mouthpieces Standard & Half-Pack...
PAX MINI Vaporizer PAX
The smallest PAX device yet, the Mini takes your flower sessions to the next level, anywhere you want to take it. Includes:  Flat & Raised Mouthpieces Oven Lid 3D Oven Screens...
Davinci MIQRO Vaporizer Davinci
The Davinci MIQRO is a smaller, lighter, improved, and more affordable version of the Davinci IQ. It is 33% smaller than the IQ, making it extremely portable and easy to...
Firefly 2+ Vaporizer Firefly
The Firefly 2+ is designed for people who love the plant. Our dynamic convection technology delivers phenomenal flavor and zero waste. It's equally superb with flowers and extracts, ready in...
Davinci MIQRO-C Vaporizer Davinci
With its removable battery, USB-C rapid charging port, and easy-to-use Smart Paths™ temperature settings, the MIQRO-C is the perfect compact vaporizer for a quick micro-dose session. MIQRO-C Dry Herb Vaporizer...
Davinci IQC Vaporizer Davinci
Highlighting Clean First technology, Temperature Control, App Connectivity, Replaceable Battery, and USB-C charging, the IQC has it all. IQC DRY HERB VAPORIZER FEATURES: Type C Charging Airtight Zirconia / Glass...
PAX Accessory - Basic Maintenance Kit PAX
Our original Maintenance Kit has all of the basics for your PAX vaporizer. Each Kit includes: 3 Standard Oven Screens 10 Pipe Cleaners 1 Wire Brush Compatible with PAX 2, PAX 3,...
Flowermate CAP PRO Vaporizer - Black Flowermate
The CAP PRO features advanced technology and higher overall performance.The exterior of the CAP PRO is made from a POK and aluminum material which makes the device both durable and...
PAX Accessory - Premium Maintenance Kit PAX
A clean PAX is a more efficient PAX. The new and improved Premium Maintenance kit has everything you need to take care of your PAX. Each Kit includes: :  3x...
PAX Accessory - Cable Charger PAX
Keep your PAX charged and ready to go with this USB charge cable.Compatible with PAX 2, PAX 3, PAX Mini, and PAX Plus. Not compatible with PAX 1.
Davinci IQ2 Vaporizer Davinci
Clean. Cool. Control. For connoisseurs who simply want the very best portable, dual-use vaporiser for dry herb and extract, DaVinci’s IQ provides cooler vapour and the ultimate flavor and control....
PAX Accessory - Screens (3-Pack) PAX
Keep your PAX oven in pristine condition with this pack of three replacement oven screens. Originally designed for the PAX 2 and PAX 3, each screen has a flat surface...
Volcano Hybrid Desktop Vaporizer [Silver] Storz & Bickel
The VOLCANO HYBRID, the "Reinvention of an Icon". This Volcano Hybrid Desktop Vaporizer has exciting new features like Inhalation through the Tube Kit or Valve Balloon Very fast heating process within 1...
PAX Accessory - Multi Tool PAX
The original Multi-Tool. Great for packing and removing material from your PAX oven. This version comes with a square edge (versus the newer, rounded edge). Compatible with PAX 2, PAX 3, PAX...
Volcano Accessory - Easy Valve Replacement Set Storz & Bickel
Set of 6 ready to use EASY VALVE Balloons for the application with the VOLCANO.Suitable for: VOLCANO HYBRID VOLCANO DIGIT VOLCANO CLASSIC
Davinci IQ Accessory - Hydrotube Davinci
This Hydrotube is made from high-strength borosilicate glass that cools and filters vapor. It fits any 10mm ground glass male joint. Try a Hydrotube on your DAVINCI IQ2, IQC or...
Davinci IQ2 Accessory - IQ2 Pearl Davinci
The IQ2 Pearl serves 4 purposes, to regulate even airflow into the IQ2's oven, to compact herbal material down into the IQ2's oven, to optimize heat transfer, and to look...
Mighty Accessory - Wear & Tear Set Storz & Bickel
The Wear & Tear Set includes all the spare parts necessary to renew the MIGHTY(+) Cooling Unit.Suitable for: MIGHTY MIGHTY+
Volcano Accessory - Normal Screen Set Storz & Bickel
Set of 3 upper and 3 lower stainless steel Normal Screens to be used at the bottom of the SOLID VALVE Filling Chamber and for the SOLID VALVE Filling Chamber...
Davinci IQ Accessory - Extended Mouthpiece / Water Adaptor Davinci
The DaVinci Extended Mouthpiece is the perfect extra accessory for those that want to get even more out of their DaVinci setup. This extra mouthpiece allows users to add a...
Eyce PV1 Vaporizer Eyce
Load, close, and pull. Introducing the first vaporizer device from Eyce, the PV1 is an exceptional, easy-to-use dry herb vape engineered with incredible durability and portability. Designed with a rotating...
PAX Accessory - Grip Sleeve [Sage] PAX
Add more grip to your rip. Silicone sleeve snugly & securely protects all PAX Plus/2/3 devices for a more comfortable grip & a pop of colour. Available in: Onyx, Sage,...
PAX Accessory - Charging Tray [White Oak] PAX
Add some class to charging for your PAX 2, PAX 3, PAX Mini, or PAX Plus. Custom made with a no-slip modern design for easy, secure charging. Wood is a...
PAX Accessory - 2-Pack Raised Mouthpiece [Black] PAX
Get a different experience from your PAX devices with a raised mouthpiece. Pack of two easy-to-fit replacement raised mouthpieces.Compatible with PAX 2, PAX 3, PAX Mini, and PAX Plus. Not...
PAX Accessory - 3D Oven Screens PAX
These replacement Oven Screens have been redesigned for the PAX Mini and PAX Plus, and fit perfectly inside of the oven. Easy to use and easy to remove.Compatible with PAX...
This protective case for Firefly 2 is the perfect accessory to keep the unit safe. Perfect for customers who want to use their unit on the go, as it will...
PAX is proud to feature JGoldcrown Studio’s world famous “heart” icon on our smallest PAX device yet. Take your flower sessions to the next level, anywhere you want to take...
PAX PLUS Vaporizer (Koi Edition) PAX
For a limited time only, pick up a PAX Plus with a beautiful Koi design. Bring out the best of the flower and concentrates with this customized device - what’s...
PAX Accessory - Replacement Oven Lid PAX
Keep your oven lid on tight. PAX devices won’t work without one. So order one as a replacement or a spare. Compatible with PAX 2, PAX 3, PAX Mini, and PAX Plus. Not...
Davinci MIQRO Accessory - 18350 Battery Davinci
Always having a spare, fully charged battery with you is a good thing. Get an extra 18350 battery to ensure you have uninterrupted sessions with your MIQRO!
Volcano Accessory - Wear & Tear Set [Easy Valve] Storz & Bickel
The Wear & Tear Set includes all the spare parts necessary to renew the Filling Chamber.Suitable for: VOLCANO DIGIT VOLCANO CLASSIC EASY VALVE
PAX Accessory - Half Pack Oven Lid PAX
For those times when you only want a shorter or solo session. This deeper lid allows for a half-filled oven.Compatible with PAX 2, PAX 3, and PAX Plus. Not compatible with...
For a limited time only, pick up a PAX Plus emblazoned with multimedia artist JGoldcrown Studio’s iconic “heart” design.Bring out the best of the flower and concentrates with this customized...
Volcano Hybrid Desktop Vaporizer [Onyx] Storz & Bickel
The VOLCANO HYBRID, the "Reinvention of an Icon". This Volcano Hybrid Desktop Vaporizer has exciting new features like Inhalation through the Tube Kit or Valve Balloon Very fast heating process within...
Crafty+ Vaporizer Storz & Bickel
 Suitable for dry herbs  Not suitable for nicotine The new adventure begins now. The battery-powered CRAFTY+ is the perfect companion for all your pursuits. Handy and compact, the CRAFTY+ provides...
Davinci IQ2 Accessory - 10mm Water Tool Adapter Davinci
The 10mm Water Tool Adaptor makes your IQ2 compatible with your favorite bubbler or water filtration system. This ceramic adaptor allows the IQ2 to pair with any water tool that...
Davinci MIQRO Accessory - MIQRO Glove Davinci
Stylish protection for your MIQRO! This glove helps protect the exterior of your MIQRO from accidental dents, scratches or scrapes. Try one today!
Volcano Classic Desktop Vaporizer [Onyx] Storz & Bickel
The pioneer. Ever since. The VOLCANO CLASSIC impresses by its robust and purely electromechanical design. High quality materials and craftsmanship guarantee a long working life – made in Germany. 2...
Davinci IQ Accessory - IQ Glove Davinci
Elevate your Davinci IQ experience with the IQ Glove. This sleek accessory not only shields your IQ Vaporizer from accidental falls but also adds a touch of personalisation, giving it a...
PAX Accessory - 2-Pack Flat Mouthpiece [Black] PAX
Lost a mouthpiece? Or just need a replacement or a spare? Here’s a pack of two flat mouthpieces. They sit flush on top of your PAX for ultimate discretion.Compatible with...
Davinci IQ Accessory - Zirconia Ceramic Spacer Davinci
Unlock a new level of purity and flexibility with the Zirconia Ceramic Spacer. Crafted for users who prefer smaller herb quantities in each session, this spacer allows dynamic customisation of...
PAX Accessory - Prep Tray PAX
Take your pre-session rituals to the next level.  Grind, pack & roll like a boss on this tray’s smooth walnut wood-finish. Features a debossed X logo & a tidy spot for your...
Davinci IQ Accessory - Glass Spacer Davinci
Perfectly pack the bowl of your IQ Vaporizer every time with these glass spacers.  Set includes [1] 10mm glass spacer and [1] 6mm glass spacer.
Hard Case - Fits Pax Cloud/Ten
Protect your PAX Investment with a hard shell case. Features: Airtight and Waterproof Travel Case Crushproof, Impact-Resistant Outer Shock-Absorbing Foam Convenient Sizing Carabiner Ring
Davinci IQ Accessory - AC USB Adaptor Davinci
Davinci IQ Accessory - AC USB Adaptor
Experience the pinnacle of convenience and quality with the Greenlightvapes G9 G-Dip Kit, an essential multi-functional pen designed for your concentrates. This kit combines innovation and versatility, featuring a revolutionary...
Davinci Classic Accessory - Flexi-Straw Davinci
The Flexi-Straw is a replacement for the one included with the Davinci Vaporizer. This rugged mouthpiece is ideal for portability and discreteness. It is removable from the unit for compact...
Pulsar APX Vape V3 Vaporizer - Melting Mushroom (Limited Edition) Pulsar
The LED screen and haptic feedback features keep you informed of battery life, temperature, and setting. The vaporizer kit includes the APX V3 vape, mouthpiece, USB-C cable, stir tool, &...


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