How to Assemble Your New Bong

What You'll Need:

  • Silicone Grommet
  • Stem (Glass or Metal)
  • Glass of Water
  • Your Bong

Your grommet is what keeps the air in and ensures there are no leaks around the stem or body of the bong. 

The glass of water is your grommet lubricant, this will ensure there are no unnecessary breakages when inserting the stem. 

Stems come in a number of sizes and materials, for this we'll be using a glass stem but this method will work for a metal stem as well.

The Base

If your bong comes with a silicone base, ensure the glass is in the base securely, if this feels wobbly, twist the glass gently until tight.

This will help with stability and any leakage issues. 

Make sure you're doing this on a flat and stable surface!

The Grommet

Time for the grommet! 

To insert the silicone grommet, squeeze the sides together while gently wiggling it into place. 

Make sure this is pressed against the glass so no air gets out. 

Getting The Grommet Ready

To get the grommet ready for the stem, dip your finger in water and lubricate this to ensure the stem is easy to insert. 

Lubricating the grommet will stop any extra pressure on the glass which can cause breakages. 

Insterting The Stem

When inserting the stem, use light, even pressure to push the stem in and slowly twist.

Make sure you don't push too hard or your stem will end up through the back of your new bong!

The Cone Piece

The easiest step in this entire process!

Simply insert the cone piece into the stem (if not already attached.) and fill your bong with water. 

You're good to go!



You did it! 

Give yourself a pat on the back, fill that bad boy with water and enjoy the rest of your day. 

If you have any questions or had any trouble, email us at and we'll get you sorted!