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Springer Glass/Silicone Bong Waterfall

Springer Glass/Silicone Bong

Brought to you by Planet X, the Springer Bong boasts a unique design with a glass base and silicone top. The detachable silicone piece is flexible and can be used...
Bonsai Glass Bong - Leaf Decal Waterfall

Bonsai Glass Bong - Leaf Decal

Meet the Bonsai Glass Bong with Leaf Decal – a fusion of artistry and functionality. Crafted with precision, this glass bong features an enchanting leaf decal, adding a touch of...
Cock 'Fluffy' Ceramic Bong The Bong Shop

Cock 'Fluffy' Ceramic Bong

Discover the perfect blend of style and functionality with our Cock Ceramic Bong, "Fluffy". Crafted with precision, this unique piece ensures smooth hits and stands out as a conversation starter. Elevate...
Meteor Glass Bong Planet X

Meteor Glass Bong

Introducing Planet X - The Meteor Glass Bong! Elevate your smoking experience with this classic bulb-shaped design, enhanced by robust 3.5mm thick borosilicate glass and a solid, sturdy rubber base....
Master Yo-Duh Ceramic Bong The Bong Shop

Master Yo-Duh Ceramic Bong

If it's getting high you seek then this bong has the answer it does! Let Master Yo-Duh Train you in the ways of the nugget advance your knowledge and strength...
Supernova Glass Bong Planet X

Supernova Glass Bong

Powerful like an explosion in space Planet X presents the Supernova Bong. With a wide tapered mouthpiece for a big inhale and the external chamber for dual water filtering for...
Exterminator Glass Bong - Black Blue Waterfall

Exterminator Glass Bong - Dark Purple

The Exterminator has a bubble shaped body with a wide neck making for a fast hit but yet surprisingly smooth. There is nothing complicated about this bong!! Easy to clean simple...
Eliminator Glass Bong Waterfall

Eliminator Glass Bong

Standing tall at 33cm, The Eliminator Glass Bong is your go-to, classic bong designed for the everyday smoker. Boasting a long mouthpiece neck and bent back design this bong is a solid...
Extend-A-Straw Silicone Bong - Red Planet X

Extend-A-Straw Silicone Bong - Red

You've never pulled from a silicone piece like this. If straws had a god, this would be it. Extending from a respectful 26cm to a jaw-dropping 54cm, if placed right,...
Eliminator Glass Bong - Green Waterfall

Eliminator Glass Bong - Green

The Eliminator stands 33cm tall and is our standard stock run of the mill bong. Solid| well designed and perfect for the everyday smoker. This is a highly recommended  product...

Mountain High Black Label King Size Cone (3 Pack)

Enjoy a hassle-free smoking experience with Mountain High's Black Label King Size Cones crafted from ultra-thin rolling paper. Featuring a sleek and robust black filter tip (30mm), each cone is equipped...
ROLLING TRAY PACK - BLACK (Tray, Grinder, Pipe, Screens) The Bong Shop

ROLLING TRAY PACK - BLACK (Tray, Grinder, Pipe, Screens)

A great starter pack. Comes with a grinder, pipe, screens for your pipe and a great-looking tray to keep it all in one place! Grab yours todayROLLING TRAY PACK -...


Nag Champa is a hand-rolled blend of flowers| spices| and resins| and each stick burns for about 45 minutes. Made with natural ingredients| this aromatic incense with its sweet| yet...
Waterfall - Shape Shifter - Conjurer - Deluxe Build A Bong Waterfall

Waterfall - Shape Shifter - Conjurer - Deluxe Build A Bong

With an all glass set up for a clean taste, and multiple options for setup, you can change it up every time you smoke.The Shape Shifter Conjurer comes with a...