Best Vaporizer for Social Events

Best Vaporizer

As vaporisers have grown in popularity this century, and traditional tobacco smoking has plummeted, it's hard to go anywhere without seeing someone enjoying a vape. 

So if you're inclined to vape in group settings rather than on your own, The Bong Shop is sure to have the best vaporizer Australia can offer.

Whether you need some vape-style party games, fun functionality, or just portability, we've got you covered. Once you've read this blog, check out our store and hit up your next event with confidence and clout. 


When talking about socially acceptable vapes, there's no better place to start than PAX. These sleek, elegant, functional favourites tick all the boxes. Their beautiful design makes them an instant talking point, boasting colours like onyx, sand, midnight rain, burgundy, and sage. A simple light display complements these colour schemes and allows the curved edges of the casing to do the talking. 

Once the design is discussed, users can pull out all the stops and initiate party mode! 

To access its hidden modes, hold it horizontal and use your hands to barrel-roll it three times. There are a few party modes to choose from involving a light show, timed games, and Simon Says! Each triple-rotation unlocks a different game, so keep steady hands and rotate with care as you cycle through the fun. All these features packed into a pocket-sized vape make it perfect for any party, allowing you to take it anywhere and store it away where its use is prohibited. 


If you're always hosting the big event, a volcano vaporiser from STORZ &a BICKEL might be the one for you. While they're probably too big to conveniently carry from place to place, a volcano is sure to make things interesting at your next gathering. 

For an easy-to-use and high-quality vape, the volcano has few competitors. STORZ & BICKEL has spent the last couple of decades perfecting their technology and it's hard to have a bad experience with their products – so long as you know what you're doing. One chamber is more than enough to fill multiple balloons which can be passed around in a big group. 

Crafty Plus

Just when you thought STORZ & BICKEL were done, they offer yet another vape to perk up your party.

This time, it's portable! It's the Crafty Plus

This handheld hotbox is slightly bulkier than PAX vapes but packs a far bigger punch. 

What it lacks in fun games, it replaces with its high-quality ergonomics, electronics, and battery life. Heating time on the Crafty Plus has been cut to 80 seconds, allowing you to begin puffing in no time wherever you go. 

To add some fun functionality, the Crafty Plus connects to your phone via Bluetooth where you can control the temperature, change the LED brightness, switch the vibration alert on or off, read the battery status, and check your usage time. 

Where's Our Invite?

The Bong Shop knows a good time and we have the range of vapes to prove it. Next time you're preparing for your next social event, don't forget to include your favourite vaporiser. 

If you don't already have one, visit our store to join in on the fun.