Which Bong Material Should You Choose?

Which Bong Material Should You Choose?

To most people's surprise there are many types of bongs to choose from, not just your standard Glass bongs. Having such a large range of bong designs, styles and forms can create a smoking experience second to none that perfectly matches your personal smoking style. 

Today we’ll be going through a brief overview of the different types of bong materials and how they work best, so the next time you go to smoke up you can get the best out of the tools you’ve got. 


Ceramic bongs are considered the old school smoking method, as it was the first material used to make bongs. So, you can be sure it’s been thoroughly tried and tested across the years. They don’t just look and feel good either, ceramic made bongs are loved for their super smooth smoke and true flavour too! 

Ceramic bongs are also less sensitive to temperature changes, meaning they’ll last longer, and you’ll get plenty of sessions out of it. While you may need to fork out a little more than usual for a ceramic bong you can see it’s certainly worth it.


Ceramic’s hot younger sibling that is a little more with the times. Glass is easily the most iconic material on the market. It won’t mess with the flavour of your smoke, and you can customise and add accessories as you please. 

Your Glass Bong may be a little more fragile than others, however the benefits are high. They provide a nice clean smoke and don’t heat up as much. A good glass bong will last you for years and you’ll always know when it’s due for a clean. It’s also naturally nonporous so cleaning itself is easier than other materials!

One of the reasons glass bongs are so popular is because of their wide variety of shapes, colours and designs. From classic straight neck bongs, like our Waterfall bongs, to some pretty intricate ornamental ones too, there's a huge range of one-of-a-kind and handcrafted glass bongs to perfectly fit your personality and style.


If you’re looking for a quick fix cheap bong to have a bit of fun with then meet acrylic. An Acrylic Bong won't last you forever and they are often a little more prone to breaking. This is because they heat up a lot more than other materials and can crack.  Luckily, they are super easy to replace. They’re great if you need something light to travel around with. 

Because of their acrylic base it's also important to make sure you’re buying your bong from a certified seller; this will ensure that your bong hasn’t been made with any harmful chemicals that could be released when heating up. 


Silicone is much newer technology that's quickly growing in popularity. These bongs are perfect if you’re a little clumsy or find your bongs breaking quickly. These bad boys are pretty much unbreakable. 

Another reason we love Silicone Bongs is how easy it is to clean. You can just chuck this one in the dishwasher with all your cereal bowls and pizza plates. If you need to remove smells from your silicone bong you can whack it in the freezer too! If you’re a major purist on flavour look for a silicone bong with a glass bowl for that pure clean smoke!

Hopefully this little guide has helped open up your knowledge of bongs and inspired you to try out something new for your next herbal high session. If you’re after a new bong make sure to check out our website for one of the largest ranges of Bongs in Australia.