What's a Travel Bong?

What's a Travel Bong?

Smoking has always been a highly social activity. It brings people together around the fire or over a couple of drinks, acting as a good ice-breaker and a topic of mutual interest. 

For this reason, cigarettes, joints, and now vaporizers have all been made to be portable and easy to use. But one toke tool that's been left out of this transportable trend is the bong! They're usually built big and oddly shaped making them easier to leave at home.

This is fair enough too. We'd typically prefer to pack a vaporizer like the STORZ & BICKEL MIGHTY than shove a whole bong in our bags. But there's something that will change everything - travel bongs!

What's a Travel Bong?

As the name describes, a travel bong is a compact and deconstructible bong designed to be easily transported or used on the go.

They can be made from a range of materials such as steel, brass or silicone with attachments to keep them functional and able to be taken apart.

They come in varying forms such as the standard shape of a bong or more novelty attachments like the Knockout - one simple attachment to transform any can or bottle into a bong!

Why Use a Travel Bong?

The biggest benefit of a travel bong is its transportability. Some of the travel bongs on The Bong Shop store can be disassembled into at least 2 parts, while the Knockout is one simple piece. This can be convenient for transport but also for storage. Large, bulky bongs can be difficult to hide or store in the home and a travel bong can put that issue to rest. 

Simply take the bong apart and find a safe spot where no pieces will be lost and you'll have an easy-to-build bong ready to smoke in seconds. 

Types of Travel Bong

If you visit The Bong Shop online store, you'll find a range of travel bongs ready to make their way to your home. 

Our polished pocket billy is a stylish six-piece bong made from (almost) indestructible steel and brass.

The mouthpiece and cone can be unscrewed and stored inside the body of the bong for greater discretion and portability, fitting in your pocket or a small container while you travel. 

Alternatively, the Bukket is a funky-looking cylindrical bong which folds down into the size of a large fist. Simply extend the Bukket and pack your best weed into the bowl before lighting up and sucking that Bukket!

Contact Us

The Bong Shop is keen to give you the best bong-smoking experience possible. If that means offering transportable options then so be it!

Get in touch or browse our online store to find the right bong or vaporizer for you. There's sure to be one to suit you.


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