What Vape Should I Buy?

What Vape Should I Buy?  | The Bong Shop

Vapes can be highly personal choices and the extreme range of options can baffle beginners. Price, size, battery, flavour, functionality, and your reason for vaping can all influence which vape you choose.

The Bong Shop is always happy to chat about which vape might suit you and how you can have the best experience possible. That’s why we’ve put this blog together, to point you in the right direction and stop you from making a poor decision.

So, if you’re sitting there wondering, “which vape should I buy?” Read on!


As with any purchase, the price of your next vape should come into consideration. Your typical mid-range reusable e-cig will cost you about $50, while battery-powered herb vapes can start around $150. 


If these are out of your budget, consider which features are essential to you and which you can go without. This will allow you to rule some options out on the search for your perfect vape.


Vapes can come in all shapes and sizes. From desktop volcano vaporizers, to simple and portable vape pens, there is a vape for all needs. 

It’s important to consider whether you want to vape on the go, or if your vape is for more at-home medicinal use. For the former, we recommend any of the Vaptio e-cig range - either the Cosmo or Airgo. For the latter, STORZ & BICKEL’s Volcano range has been tried, tested and perfected for peak hot air generation and regulation.  

Reason for Vaping

No matter your reason for vaping, The Bong Shop welcomes you and hopes you can find the right vape for you. But we understand that each person’s needs will be different, and you should too. 

Many people use vaping as a means of transitioning away from smoking traditional cigarettes, as vaping can be less harmful to your body than tobacco. Others might do it for the taste, to save money compared to smoking, or for overall enjoyment. 


If the taste and enjoyment of vaping is important to you, The Bong Shop offers heaps of e-liquids of different flavours. These are just as important to consider when getting into vaping - there are even nicotine flavoured e-liquids for those transitioning from smoking!

Menthol, chocolate, cherry, apple, and Toke a Cola are just the beginning of our range, so check it all out as you decide on your next vape. 


If you’re in the market for a fancy, battery-powered dry herb vaporizer, there are even more options to consider. These include battery life, temperature control, dosage and mouthpiece - not to mention the range of colours that brands like DaVinci and PAX come in these days!

For battery life, we recommend the PAX 3 which will give you about 90 minutes of continuous use and the same time to fully recharge. 

For temperature control, the STORZ & BICKEL Mighty+ has been well-designed with user experience in mind, offering simple buttons and an LED screen. 

DaVinci’s IQ2 uses a smart dosage calculation to track and report dose per draw and per session. This can be a very cool and helpful feature for those seeking those fancy extras in their vape. 

DaVinci’s IQ2, IQC and Miqro vapes are also the only models to benefit from the DaVinci Hydrotube. This is a high-strength borosilicate glass attachment that cools and filters vapour, leaving your lungs and overall enjoyment in a great state.

There’s Plenty More Where That Came From

We’re confident in the products suggested here and could safely send you on your way. Hell, we’re confident in all of our products! 

But The Bong Shop team is always looking to continue educating its community, so get in touch if you’re still wondering “what vape should I buy?” Just remember, vapes aren’t one size fits all. So if your first attempt doesn’t quite suit, don’t lose hope - your perfect vape is out there waiting.