What Sets STORZ & BICKEL Apart?

STORZ & BICKEL have been a big name in the vaporization game since the turn of the century, when the company’s first VOLCANO Hot Air Generators (HAGs) entered the market.

These early editions became the “gold standard”, according to experts and studies in the field of medical marijuana, but their development was far from finished.

When Jürgen Bickel joined Markus Storz in 2002 to form the company we know today, a powerhouse was born and the first 110 volt devices were built for the American market.

Since then, a range of vaporizers and HAGs have been brought to market, for both medicinal and leisurely purposes. The latest of which was the MIGHTY+ vaporizer in 2021, claiming to be “in a league of its own.”

But there are plenty of vaporizer manufacturers out there. So how has STORZ & BICKEL become a multinational leader in the field?

Is It the Company's Innovation?

As the only company in the world to produce medical herbal HAGs, STORZ & BICKEL have had the upper hand in developing the latest and greatest in vaporizer technology.

Such innovation was represented in 2014 with the release of the CRAFTY and MIGHTY battery-powered vaporizers, with all kinds of features that set the company apart from the rest.

In an interview celebrating the company’s 20-year anniversary, the owners described how they had achieved such heights in such a short period.

“Both (CRAFTY and MIGHTY) were milestones for the whole industry in terms of performance, power, battery runtime and innovations such as app control and vibration motor - which didn’t exist in other vaporizers,” said Jürgen Bickel.

“Consequently, the market was shaken up a little bit by their release and they yielded great sales numbers.

“Between 2014 and 2015, the size of our company doubled within the shortest period of time.”

Is It the Company’s Dedicated Factory?

In 2016, STORZ & BICKEL built the world’s first dedicated factory for the manufacture of medical herbal HAGs in the German town of Tuttlingen. This development allowed the company to upscale its production and mingle in what it revered as the centre of medical technology.

“We were aware that this building would be the world’s first factory for the production of medical cannabis vaporizers,” said Markus Storz.

“And we didn’t want to build a simple metal box on a concrete base.

“We wanted to create a representative building which also expresses our philosophy – in terms of quality, functionality and design.”

Is It the Company’s Certified Quality?

STORZ & BICKEL have met industry certifications all along the way, securing ISO 13485 in 2009 for the manufacture of medical devices.
This stringent focus on quality and regulation have flowed across all of its products, with both the VOLCANO MEDIC and the MIGHTY MEDIC becoming the first of their kind to be certified and circulated.

STORZ & BICKEL are so confident in their quality and the longevity of their products, the latest MIGHTY+ comes with a 2-year warranty, plus a third-year upon registration. Additionally, The Bong Shop offers Guaranteed Breakage Replacement if your item arrives a little worse for wear. Just be sure to visit our Terms & Conditions to be sure of your entitlements.

You Be the Judge

There are plenty of things that set STORZ & BICKEL apart, from their history, to their product development and the pile of features included in each product.

A range of such products are available through The Bong Shop and our friendly team is more than happy to help you find the best one for you.

All we can do is point you in the right direction, but it’s up to you to decide what sets STORZ & BICKEL apart in your books.