What Can Affect Your Herbal High?

Affect Herbal High

Herbal vaporizers, Australia-wide, can provide a range of highs for users, with some never feeling the same. It's time to learn how you can fluctuate between a chilled out high and a one where you feel as if you're bouncing off the walls. 

Similar to how drinking doesn’t affect you like when you first started as a teen, your age can also affect your herbal high, although this isn’t the only consideration that can affect your high. 

Your Consumption Amount 

Different strains come with a range of effects but maintaining the same result each time you use this specific strain relies on the amount you consume. Too little and you may feel like you shouldn’t have even bothered; too much and you may wind up sunk in the couch waiting for the high to wear off.

Most beginners should only take about 5mg of your herb; this can always change from person to person. The key to ensuring that the effects you feel are the same is that you should be actively keeping an eye out on the amount you're consuming. 

Consumption Method 

Smoking, vaping, and eating edibles may all be ways to ingest cannabis, but every delivery method comes with its own variables. With different potency levels being felt across these methods, you can make a massive difference between a session where you smoke and vape your herbs. 

Your body processes cannabis from each method differently, and the amount you consume usually differs between methods. With edibles weighing in at 12-20mg a piece, smoking at 30mgs and vaping at 50-80mgs, it's clear to see there's a massive potency level between these different consumption methods. 

Environment and Mood 

Your environment plays a crucial role in the effect of your cannabis high and should not be taken lightly. Sometimes, if you smoke the same strain on two different days, you can have very different experiences.

Different scenarios can wildly affect your high. It’s essential to consider your comfort level before indulging. Perhaps you know that getting high before you have to enter a stuffy waiting room will make you feel anxious, or maybe you know the best time for you to indulge is right before bed.

By being aware of your surroundings, you can figure out what set and setting work best for you and better prepare yourself for enjoying the best possible cannabis high.


The profile of your cannabinoid is one of the most accessible ways to determine how its high will affect you. While there is a range of strains, with every one having its own effects on you, there's another element to consider on top of this, like the ratio within your herbs. If you want to get high sensibly, focus on strains with a THC to CBD ratio of 2:1 or less. By working through ratios, you can more accurately monitor your usage and the effects.

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