What Are the Different Kinds of Vapes?

What Are the Different Kinds of Vapes

Whether you've been vaping for a while or are just starting out, the number of different types of vapes on the market can be a bit overwhelming. There is a world of categories - so which is right for you? 

In this blog, we've simplified things by providing you with some of the most common vape categories and their characteristics. 

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E-cig Vaporisers 

E-cig vaporisers, also known as e-cigarettes, are small, cylindrical devices that mimic the experience of smoking a traditional cigarette. They consist of a battery, a heating element and a cartridge or tank that stores the e-liquid, which the heating element converts into vapour.

Vape Pens

Vape pens are similar to e-cig vaporisers but are generally larger and more powerful. The larger size of vape pens allows them to be more versatile, and models are available for use with e-liquids or dry herbs.

Pod Mod Vaporisers

Pod mod vaporisers are small, portable devices like e-cigs or vape pens. However, unlike the previously mentioned vaporisers, pod mods use pre-filled pods of e-liquid instead of tanks and cartridges. Pod mods are easy to use and are a great choice for someone searching for their first vape.

Dry Herb Vaporisers

Dry herb vaporisers are specifically designed for use with dry herbs and will not work with e-liquids or other substances. Dry herb vaporisers are available in both portable and desktop models.

Box Mod Vaporisers 

Box Mod Vaporisers are larger, more advanced vaping devices. As you can gather from the name, they have a box-like shape. Box Mods are perfect for someone who wants a powerful vaporiser while still having portability. 

Box Mods are usually custom-built built, complete with the capacity for different tanks, coils, mouthpieces, and accessories. Box Mods are a great choice for experienced vape users who know exactly what they want out of a vape.

Desktop Vaporisers

Desktop vapes are the largest, most powerful vaporisers on the market. These vapes are not portable and are designed for home use as they require a direct power source. These vapes can be heated fast and have a stronger fan, making for a stronger, more intense vape experience. 

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