TITAN BONGtitan bong


When buying a new bong, some look for functionability, some look for sheer indestructability, and some are simply looking for the artistic choice. The Titan Series – Studded Double Honey Comb Ice Glass Bong fuses style with substance and reinforces it with 4mm thick Borosilicate glass. This bong is here for a good time and a long time.


Extra features include a double honeycomb bubbler, which is my personally favourite and essential for those bigger bong rips, and the ice holder to ensure each use is as smooth and cool as the bong you’re smoking out of.


Secret time, we’ve all broken a few bongs over the years, and I’ve personally broken more than my fair share. One day I decided against buying a cheaper glass piece in an attempt to increase the longevity of my new purchase, 4 years later this is still the prize piece of my collection. Having a bong for such a long period really improves your connection to the piece, and as new friendship emerge, so do nicknames. This bong began my long tradition of nicknaming all my new bongs. “Big D”. Ripped for your pleasure. 


The Big D is a MONSTER. With a 100mm base, 50mm neck diameter, and a height of 465mm the best way to hide this glass masterpiece is filling it with flowers and calling it a vase. And with a huge 18mm cone, there’s heaps of room for all the flowers you’ll need.

Reviewed by long time customer by the name of T.H.C for THE BONG SHOP


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