Portable Herb Vapes vs Desktop Herb Vapes

Portable Herb Vapes vs Desktop Herb Vapes

When finding out where to buy a herbal vape, you may stumble across some vape variations. It's important to know that not all portable vapes are the same as desktops vapes. Each desktop and portable vape will have a range of benefits that will work for various types of Vapers. 

If you've found yourself tossing up between a powerful desktop vape and a discreet portable herb vape, today's blog will help you decide which will come out on top when it comes to your own preference. 

Portable Herb Vape

A portable dry herb vape is the most popular vape option, working well for beginners and experienced vapers. These vapes are generally preferred as they are a lot smaller, some fitting in the palm of your hand, others just fitting into your pocket. This makes them the perfect option for those who like to vape on the go and don't need to worry about having a complete set-up ready to enjoy their herbs. 

In the past portable dry vapes struggled to heat your materials and maintain that heat correctly. But with newer technology emerging, it's meant that newly designed portable vapes can combine heating methods and temperature control to ensure that your herbs are heated perfectly and kept at that temperature without burning. Portable vapes are also preferred because of their ability to heat herbs, oils, waxes and other concentrates.

While the heating abilities of portable vapes have improved in one area, they do lack battery power. Because of their small size, there's a limitation on the space and capacity of their batteries. This means that, unlike desktop vapes, you'll have to charge your vape after every one or two sessions, depending on your exact model.

Desktop Vape

If you're looking for a powerful vaporizer, then a desktop vaporizer will come out on top compared to a portable vape. When thinking about desktop vaporizers, most people's attention would be called to the famous Volcano by Storz & Bickel. This desktop vape has set the standard for other models, combining high quality and medically approved design with some of the best vapour quality. 

While desktop vaporizers are known for their high vapour quality, it's essential to understand that these legendary qualities can only really be achieved when using dry herbs, not oil or wax. The vapour quality created when using a dry herb concentrate will be crisp and automatic. This is all thanks to the larger heating chambers and superior temperature control used within desktop models. This means you can not only get the most out of your material on a pre-set mode but can move into that next level and play around with the temperature range for an even better taste. 

While it may seem obvious that desktops aren't as discreet as portable vapes, they come in handy when you want to have a group session. As many desktop vapes have various mouthpieces and bag options, it can make passing around your superior vapour a complete breeze. 

So Which Model Comes Out On Top?

The answer relies entirely on your preferred vaping requirements. Portable vapes will offer a lightweight, small and super discreet option. While it may lack power compared to a desktop vape, technology is changing, meaning that these portable vapes are slowly becoming more assertive in their ability and vapour quality. 

On the other hand, desktop vapes are better suited for those that want more control, better heat, and regulation of that heat. If you find that your vaping sessions are often shared with others, then a desktop vape is a better-suited option. 

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