Need A Faster Way To Detox? Check Out A Range Of Other Options Here!

Need A Faster Way To Detox? Check Out A Range Of Other Options Here!

When it comes to detoxing the system everyone has their own tried and tested methods. While there is usually no one size fits all solution there are some natural foods you can fill your plate with to help that THC move along a little faster. When it comes to detoxing it’s also always a good idea to combine diet with exercise, good hydration, and even vitamins and supplements to get the best effect. 

Here are our favourite foods to eat during detox for those looking for a clean slate before their next puff on the trusty waterfall bong


Turmeric is a spice that has been used medicinally around the world for centuries. Containing circumin, turmeric is a powerful anti inflammatory and antioxidant. This will help your liver do its detoxing job and absorb all the things you want to get rid of.

Garlic and Ginger 

Upping your intake of ginger and garlic should do you plenty of favours when trying to detoxify your system. These potent ingredients will help to stimulate your body, especially your liver, kick starting the natural detoxification processes. Both ingredients are also strong anti inflammatories so they’ll keep everything on the inside in good health to ensure things run as they should. Add these two ingredients into as much of your food as you can, they also aid with digestion so they’ll help get things moving in every sense of the word ; ). 


Grains should definitely be on your detox menu. If you’re gluten intolerant there are still options out there too. Grains are going to give you a big hit of fibre. This helps to cleanse your intestines, bowel, and colon.

Green Tea

Green Tea is our favourite double whammy when it comes to this detox diet. Drinking plenty of green tea will not only up your fluid intake but it’s a great detoxifier too. It’s full of antioxidants that encourage and assist your liver in detoxification.

Omega 3’s

Look for foods high in omega 3 oils and healthy fats. They’ll keep your intestines nice and lubricated so your body can pass everything it needs to easier. They are also great at binding to and absorbing nasty toxins in the body.

Cruciferous Veggies 

This is your cabbages, broccolis, brussel sprouts, and cauliflowers.  These veggies are packed full of vitamins and minerals that release the right enzymes in your body to aid the detox process. These enzymes help break down toxins in the body. SPice them up with tumeric garlic and ginger and you’re good to go.

Leafy Greens 


Yoghurt is a great way to naturally balance your gut bacteria. Full of live natural probiotics, yoghurts like greek yogurt will help restore your gut bacteria. This means your body and stomach can fight off bad bacteria and toxins quicker, easier, and more efficiently.

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