Names for Bongs from Around the World

Australians are the masters of giving things colloquialised names. We call toilets ‘dunnies’, liquor stores ‘bottle-Os’, afternoons ‘arvos’ and sex ‘roots’. Naturally, therefore, we have conjured up a myriad of names for the humble bong. Bewg, chonga, honga, cone, gators, raders, gateradors - we’ve done ‘em all.

But, what are some titles bestowed upon the faithful bong from distant, smoky shores? The team at The Bong Shop thought we would share with you the names and etymology of the cone from around the world.

The Names

  • Chalice (Jamaica): Jamaica is a country that has so much more to offer than just stereotypes of weed. A vibrant music and arts scene, fantastic food and gorgeous tropical scenery, just to name a few. But, while we’re at it, we thought we would share their addition to bong terminology through their use of the title ‘chalice’. The Jamaican chalice is its own style of bong used in Rastafari practises to bring people closer to Jah. It has since been used in a wider cone-smoking context and was used in the legendary Ian Dury song, “Reasons to be Cheerful Part 3”.

    Take your mum to Paris
    Lighting up the chalice
    Wee Willy Harris
  • Bowl (United States): Hearing the term “bowl” invokes visions of some US university stoner who never leaves his room for class but, alas, it’s a term that many frequently use there. There’s no real confusion as to why: the bowl is the part of the bong where you place the buds for smoking.

    Eyy dewd, you wanna go back to my dorm and smoke a couple of bowls?


  • Gator (Australia): Although we’ve already mentioned it, and we said this was a piece for bong slang from around the world, we couldn’t help but mention the term “gator”. A classic Australian term that should be in any Australian slang dictionary you’d find in a Noosa novelty shop, the term gator stems from the creation of a homemade bong using a finished bottle of Gatorade. Head to the milk bar, buy/consume a Gatorade, cut your neighbour’s hose and fashion a cone piece from your mum’s cooking foil and you have yourself a gator.

    Did you head down to the 7/11 for the gator? I’ve got Mum’s cooking foil and she needs it back for Sunday dinner. 

A short list, but a goody. Some fun names there for bongs from around the world. Has it got you thinking of names you might like to call your bewg? Perhaps Bong Kong? That’s all I’ve got, enjoy!


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