Pot Belly Tar Filter (Review)

Pot Belly Tar Filter (Review)

When I close my eyes and envision my perfect bong, I instantly think of the Pot Belly Tar Filter by Waterfall. There’s something about the curved sphere and that handy tar filter that remind me of summer days and good times.

 Top to bottom with 3mm thick borosilicate means it’s a tough as nails. With a height of 30cm, the perfect height for seated seshes. The ample neck diameter of 45mm makes this a perfect bong for those long summer nights. The neck dimples secure the ice nicely above the peculator which work together to unsure that this bong will pack a punch without killing your lungs.

 This bong is rigged with the Bonza System of cones and stems meaning that the metal 120mm stem can be replaced by a glass alternative for long term owners, while the 15mm brass cone piece is a timeless classic.

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