Things to Consider When Choosing a Herbal Vape

Things to Consider When Choosing a Herbal Vape

With a larger vaping market, there are limitless options to choose from. You might consider yourself an expert on all things vaping, from tricks to knowing how to clean a herbal vape. However, when finding the perfect first vape, or just another to add to your collection, you should always be looking at a range of considerations to ensure that the vape you choose is the absolute perfect choice for your needs and smoking style. 


Everyone wants a vape that takes up as little space as possible; it's been the defining feature that has attracted so many smokers. This is why portability is one of the first things you need to consider. You need to ensure that the size of your vape is precisely what you need. Whether this means you need a vape that can fit in a medium-size handbag, a tight pocket or a backpack, it's essential that you can comfortably take your vape wherever it needs to go. 

Battery Life

Battery life and portability should come hand in hand when considering the perfect vape for you, as the longer the battery life, the more portability your unit will have. However, it is important to realise that most vape batteries won't last as long as you think. That's not to say they have to be charged every hour either. When looking at your vape's battery life, you should also pay attention to its charging methods (USB port or rechargeable battery), as the suitable way can make charging on the go easier. 

Heating Method

All vapes will use either a conduction or convection heating process. Conduction heating will see a heating element like coils come in direct contact with your materials. In contrast, convection heating heats the air around your material to heat it, which is the more common option in vapes. There are also hybrid heating systems available to give you the best of both worlds. 

It is important to remember that conduction heating is more likely to create combustion in your chamber, which can mean that on the wrong temperature settings or if left unused for too long, it can result in your precious herbs being burnt. 

Convection heating, on the other hand, is praised for its ability to create smooth and flavorful vapor, as it heats your herbs evenly with airflow circling your material. 

Temperature Settings

If you want to create a completely customisable vaping session, you'll need to ensure that your vapes temperature settings. An extensive range of vapes come with pre-set temperature settings that usually range from low to medium to high, which works great for beginners. But if you're a more seasoned pro who knows the right temperature for their material or just have a personal preference make sure to find a vape that allows you to choose the exact temperature. This will allow you to experiment and find the perfect setting for your individual needs. 

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