The Best Chill-Out Products 2020

The Best Chill-Out Products 2020

If you're on a quest to discover slow living, then you're not alone. From cooking from scratch, to high quality drip coffee, to slowing down our daily routines so we can truly switch off and unwind, slow is the new buzz word we never expected, but actually need. For some people slow living means taking virtual yoga classes, for others it means indulging in aromatherapy products, for others it's unpacking their newest volcano vapouriser. Never heard of them? Allow us to introduce the newest additions to your chill routine.

Old School Vaping
If you haven't thought about taking a spliff since high school then you're probably hoping for a more mature way to enjoy your old school flower. Lockdown is an opportunity to totally peace out and if herbs do it for you then who are we to judge? Our only suggestion is skip the smoke and opt for a world renowned Storz & Bickel. Their range includes their famous Volcano vaporisers as well as their compact hand-held devices that combine hot air convection and conduction heating to produce a dense vapour for a real treat.

Aromotherapy is an ancient healing technique using aromas extracted from essential oils. These beautiful scents are the distilled liquids drawn from plants and natural fibres such as resin, flowers, bark, herbs and roots. An essential oil is concentrated and sometimes seventy times more powerful than the original source, so less is always more. While most oils are safe for everyone, some do interact with medication and conditions such as pregnancy and epilepsy so be sure to consult a qualified aromatherapist and use a good quality aromatherapy guide book. Essential oils can be enjoyed through massage, gentle inhalation, topical application to pulse points, baths, diffusers and spritzers. Dainty aromatherapy blends also make wonderful gifts that bring a well-deserved zen to the gift receiver. You can learn to make aromatherapy blends yourself from the flowers and herbs in your garden! However, if you would prefer to leave it to the experts then there are plenty of home grown aromatherapy products around to enjoy. Our top pick is the Essentially Australia Wattle Oil (Absolute) for its uplifting and calming sweet perfume.

Online Yoga Classes
Gyms and yoga studios may be closed to the public but that doesn't mean yogis have to give up just yet. Many of our favourite yoga studios have thankfully moved online and provide a wide variety of live and pre-recorded classes for you to choose from, so you can practice at home. Just google your area plus online yoga studio to find your nearest studio and sign up for their introductory offer. Part of what's so great about yoga is it's easily accessible and you need minimal equipment: just a mat, two blocks and a strap at most. If you're just starting out and not ready to commit you can use a large beach towel for a mat for your first couple of classes. Once you're hooked on yoga you can upgrade to your very own eco friendly non-slip 2E 'Connected' Yoga Mat from Second Earth, where you will also find their durable cork 'Levitate' Block