How to Clean Your Glass Bong

Clean Your Bong

Bongs can accumulate a lot of dirt and debris inside their chambers, in the same way you wouldn’t want to use a dirty plate to eat off the same can be said for your bong (or even your Davinci miqro vaporizer). It really doesn’t take long for your bong to become a grubby toxic bowl, damaging the quality of your smoke and your health. 

Today we’ll be showing you ways to clean your bong, for a clean and smooth pull every time, that won’t make you feel ashamed when you whip it out at your next party. 

Why You Should Clean Out Your Bong

As well as making your herbs taste better, a clean bong can also prevent the risk of respiratory infections. Stagnant bong water is a breeding ground for fungus and bacteria and if used with this water is a recipe for illness.  

When Should I Clean my Bong?

Cleaning your bong will vary on how often and much you're currently using your bong. A good indication to know when your bong needs a clean is when the water in your bong isn’t clear and stinks, there’s debris in the chamber, a build-up of resin on the glass or dark stains on the percolator (if you have one). 

How to Clean Your Bong

Alcohol and Salt

Alcohol and Salt is an old and tried method that will leave your bong clear and clean. To make sure you get the best results you’ll want to use a 91% isopropyl alcohol, not rubbing alcohol as it’s not as potent. 

All you need to do is put a little bit of alcohol and salt in the chamber of your bong, shake it around, (using a cleaning brush if you want a better result) and rinse out everything a few times over. The salt you use should be rock salt or something that will work to scrub off the grime on your glass. 

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is a great cleaning method and preventative solution. When you add 5-10 drops of lemon juice in your bongs water it can help to prevent resin from sticking to the glass. 

Cleaning Solutions

If you want something that will clean your bong with a little less work then a pre-made cleaning solution may be the right answer for you. These cleaners usually provide immediate results with no need to scrub or soak; working to clean the areas of your bong that cleaning pipes or clothes can’t reach. All you need to do with a majority of these products is to pour the mixture in, swirl it around, pour it out and rinse, then you’ll have a clean bong ready for the next session. 

If you have any more questions about our cleaning products or need to find a new bong for all your smoking needs, contact us or visit our website to see the large range of vaporizers available. 



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