TB A-Z of Stoner Slang - Part 2: J - R

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Welcome back for Part Two of our A-Z of Stoner Slang, where we'll be delving further into terminology and local Aussie lingo relating to cannabis culture. Whether you're new to the game or you're a four-twenty enthusiast, there's so much history and information to learn about the origins of these terms. Having your bong or volcano vaporisers handy wouldn't be a bad thing either.

The beautiful thing about slang is how it connects pockets of people, linking communities both locally and internationally, as well as adding colloquial words and phrases that are culture and location-specific. The use of language and slang around smoking weed is important culturally for a number of reasons, where slang use marks someone as an insider of a subculture who has the experience and knowledge associated with marijuana use. As more people get exposed to cannabis culture, it's becoming more accepted in the mainstream (which can only be a good thing in our opinion). 

J - Jing Banga

It truly does not get more Aussie than this! Jing Banga is a local term for an amount of marijuana, usually about a gram. It's one of the more unusual words on our list that even a lot of people here in Australia might not have come across, particularly if they aren't cannabis users.

K - Kush

Kush is a strain of Cannabis indica whose origins stem from landrace plants mainly found in Northern Pakistan and Afghanistan. One of the most well-known of these is OG Kush, which has a musty, earthy scent that has a fairly strong sedative effect.

L - Loud 

If anyone is referring to their weed as 'loud', you can bet that it probably means they're smoking some very potent stuff. As it's usually an adjective used to describe the noise, loud is a really inventive use of the word and works pretty well as slang.

M - Munchies

This is a word that has seeped into mainstream culture, where people who don't even smoke weed will jokily make reference to having the munchies. It's a slang term for the feeling you get when you're high, where you feel like you want to eat everything in sight even though you're not actually hungry. This is often followed by a trip to the local corner shop, where you'll go in and stare at the chips for ten minutes before buying a pack of gum and awkwardly hurrying out of the store.

N - Nug

The term nug is short for the nugget, a slang word for a piece or bud of marijuana. As the cannabis flower is often sold in bud form, it allows people to select depending on the desired size, which is why you'll find that selling by weight is super popular.

O - Ounce 

This is a standard measure that marijuana is sold in. This quantity roughly equates to around 28 grams of cannabis and varies in price across the world.

P - Pot

This is a really old-school term for marijuana. When you watch movies from back in the day, the word pot is often one of the most popular words used to reference cannabis, and it remains one of the most common slang terms in use.

Q - Quarter

Also known as a 'Q', a quarter refers to a quarter of an ounce, both of which are standard quantities that marijuana is sold in. Anything less than a quarter is usually considered personal possession, which is of concern to users in places where possession and distribution of marijuana are criminalised.

R - Rompa 

That rompa was a bloody rippa! Another very Aussie word for a large amount of weed smoked through one cone, where the weed is packed over the rim of the conepiece and usually pulled through and inhaled in one go.

We've definitely come across some new and interesting slang words relating to cannabis culture, so hopefully you guys have too! Keep your eyes peeled for our final instalment - part 3 of TBS's A-Z of Stoner Slang.