What Makes Vapes So Convenient?

What Makes Vapes So Convenient? | The Bong Shop Australia

The rise of vaporisers in Australia should come as no surprise to anyone who has enjoyed their convenience. Generally pocked-sized, and low-cost, vapes have become the socially acceptable alternative to smoking tobacco.

To cater to the popularity, The Bong Shop offers a heap of dry herb, and e-liquid vapes from a range of brands such as Davinci, PAX, STORZ & BICKEL, and Kangertech, Australia-wide (SA excluded). 

Check out this blog to get a feel for the convenience of vapes and if they might be suited to your lifestyle. 


Vaporisers come in a range of sizes, from pocket-sized to stationary desktop models. This means there is sure to be a vape for all kinds of users, whether you’re on the go or keeping the vapour at home. 

The smallest vape on the Bong Shop website is something like the Vaptio Airgo Stick which measures less than 100 grams in weight and less than 10cm in length. This powerful little product will give you 200 puffs on a tank capacity of 1.5ml. This makes it perfect for vaping as you walk or while at a social event. 

If you’re looking for something a little more robust and for dry herb while still packing a punch in a smaller casing, the PAX 3 has become very popular for party people and vapers of all experience. 

With a beautiful design and some fancy functions such as smartphone connectivity, the convenience of the PAX 3 doesn’t end with its size. Its lip-sensing technology is able to detect motion and the presence of the user’s lips on the mouthpiece, making your vaping experience easier and more efficient.


A more obvious benefit of vaping over smoking is the smell, as there are so many nice smelling oils to choose from. Drop the tobacco for a blueberry or peach and enjoy the feeling of fresher clothing and better oral hygiene. This also makes vaping more socially acceptable as people will take much kindlier to the scent of their favourite fruit over a cloud of cigarette smoke. 


You may already be aware of the price of smoking cigarettes, but if you don’t, allow us to tell you. Some estimates price a pack a day for 10 years at a total of $130,000. 

Of course, as inflation hits hard and smoking becomes more expensive, this figure will only continue to rise. 

In comparison, a single vaporiser typically costs around $35-50 and emptying one of these refillable devices weekly would equate to a maximum of about $2600 per year. 

Considering there are plenty of elements to calculate the cost of vaping, it’s safe to say vaping is roughly 90% cheaper than smoking cigarettes. Very convenient for the hip pocket.

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