The Benefits of a Glass Bong

The Benefits of a Glass Bong

A dilemma has long plagued the bong smokers of Australia: to glass or to Gator? At the end of the day the answer is pretty simple: of course, to glass. When we were younger and lacked the means of purchasing a beautiful glass bewg from our nearest tobacco store there was no other option but to cut the hose of the nearest neighbour’s garden. You mould some foil into the end, place the hose in a burnt-out hole, burn a shotty into the Gator and boom - you’ve got yourself a cone.

But as we age, the necessity for a proper glassy takes a hold and there are plenty of awesome reasons why.

Read on to find out why having a proper glassy handy trumps sneaking around your neighbour’s garden any night of the week. 

Glassies Provide a Better Smoke 

One of the main reasons as to why glass bongs are better than the ol’ Gaty is this: the smoke is much smoother. The glass remains cooler than plastic when heated, and in turn this makes for a much more comfortable pull of the cone. If you were to try one after the other you would seriously notice the difference, glass bewgs are much smoother on the lungs.

Glassies Allow Appendages 

You can accessorise you bewg in ways that a plastic bong just can’t. With a glassie, you can add a larger cone pieces that allow for larger quantities of bud to be smoked at the one time. You can also add an extra chamber, which makes the bong smoke cleaner and cooler than if you were smoking through plastic. These little additives enhance the enjoyment of smoking tenfold, and allow for possibilities that the old faithful simply can’t provide. 

Easy Clean 

Have you ever tried to clean a plastic bong? It’s not pretty, and it absolutely wreaks out the joint. The muck and grime that sticks to a plastic bong is something out of a horror movie filmed in a garbage dump, and is something that should be best avoided wherever possible. Plastic will also degrade over time - scratches from cleaning, stress cracks, heat exposure, will all create minute areas where bacteria can build, in turn making them need more frequent cleaning, leading to more scratches adn pretty soon your bong looks pretty crappy. 

On the other hand, whilst it can still present some problems – a glass bewg is so much easier to clean than its placcy counterpart. 

We’ve Got What You Need 

We have exactly what you’re looking for, that being the better option of smoking. The Bong Shop has an extensive collection of supreme glass bongs available at our online store that are simply so much better than the classic Gator.


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