Five Best Films to Watch Stoned

Five Best Films to Watch Stoned

Anyone who has ever sat down and smoked a spliff/cone/pipe at their friend’s house can testify to the hazy joys of cosying up on the couch or beanbag and watching a classic stoner flick. Make a quick run to McDonalds, get back, light up, chuck on a film – it’s simple yet oh so enjoyable. At The Bong Shop, we love the ritualistic smoke and film night, and in tribute to this most pleasurable of occasions we have put together a brief but effective list of our favourite films to watch ripped.

Some cliché, some more heavy, enjoy.

  1. Up: We thought we’d start with a light-hearted, uplifting tale of an old man, a lonely boy scout and his dog as they are literally taken high into the clouds searching for a place called Paradise Falls. Little did they know that Paradise Falls is really the granny flat of your mate’s mum’s house with the bong stashed away in the toilet.
  2. Step Brothers: Everyone knows Step Brothers is an absolute classic whether under the influence or not. This film is a barrel of laughs with awesome calls and some truly memorable characters. Naturally, these laughs are exacerbated after a cheeky joint. Will Ferrell’s completely outlandish behaviour is enough to pull anyone out of a stoned stupor into fits of hilarity.
  3. Donnie Darko: A heavy film, with heavy themes. This writer must admit that he completely forgot what it was about and couldn’t re-grasp it when first watching it stoned, but it’s a favourite of staff here at The Bong Shop. Wormholes, randomly appearing Bunny Men, terrifying grandmas, a plot that needs academic deciphering – Donnie Darko has it all.
  4. Trainspotting: This just falls into this category because it’s a ripper film to watch always, so why wouldn’t it be a ripper film to watch ripped? The tale of four “friends” afflicted by substance abuse navigating their way around Edinburgh is a cinematic masterpiece for the senses. “What’re you tawkin aboot?”

“Fitba, what’re you tawkin aboot?”

“Shawpin” – classic.

  1. Superbad: I’ve never laughed so hard in the cinemas as I did the first time seeing Superbad, and I wasn’t even stoned. Since then it has been of my go-to films to watch after a cone. The combination of Seth, Evan and McLovin trying to get to a party with alcohol bought illegally is just too much fun stoned.

You may agree, you may disagree, but I know I’ve sorted out some plans for tonight. I’m thinking Superbad, just writing about it has given me a laugh. Happy viewing, beloved friends of The Bong Shop.


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