How to Clean Your Bong and Can It Go in the Dishwasher??

The age-old question of how to clean a bong is a fascinating one. In the past, bong smokers have all allowed things to go too far, gone too long without cleaning, and what appeared as a result was a murky brown film at the bottom of the bong, dotted with further splotches of an even darker brown. Not the prettiest sight even for the hardest, most experienced smoker. But don’t despair, there are ways in which you can clean your bong easily and ensure that the pull is nice, smooth and easy on the lungs.

First, we better answer the question of whether you can put a bong in the dishwasher. 

So, Can It? 

Look, people have different opinions on the matter, but here at The Bong Shop, we give this answer a resounding no. We’ve heard horror stories in the past of peoples’ bongs cracking or even breaking, and not only that, it often doesn’t have the best result – especially if you’ve allowed your bong to get really filthy over a period of time. Also, if you have a painted or patterned bong, the heat and abrasive cleaner used in a dishwasher may damage that.

We don’t believe it is worth the risk and we also believe that there are many better options for cleaning. The resin can also stay in the dishwasher, making it smell like a dirty bong - and who wants all their dishes to come out smelling like bong water? Certain tools and methods are better for ensuring your bong is clean and ready to be enjoyed - read on to find out what they are. 


Cleaning Products 

They do make proper cleaning products, and they are a much more effective method of cleaning than chucking the bong in the dishwasher and hoping for the best.

For starters, there are designated bong brushes that get right into the chamber and stem, specially rubbing out that filthy brown staining that accumulates at the bottom of a dirty bong. Coupled with the nectar of Bong Bath and you’ve got yourself a foolproof method of cleaning out the nasty brown stains your bong accumulates after several sessions.

For more intricate bongs, which have inbuilt percolators, filters or multiple chambers, the best way to clean it, is to prevent it from getting dirty in the first place - replace your bong water with Piece Water Solution This completely natural product coats the inside of your bong, preventing any build up from occurring as you use it, and requires only a rinse every 40 or so hits to keep your bong sparkling.

For heavy build up, or for cleaning your intricate or percolator bongs WITHOUT SCRUBBING, get our heavy duty bong cleaners - Orange Chronic or Randy's Black Label cleaners, which are isopropyl alcohol based, and will clean even the filthiest bong - just pour it in and shake it around for a minute or two. The granules in the formula scrub as you shake, then you just tip it out and rinse - That's it! 

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