TBS A-Z of Stoner Slang - Part 3

TBS A-Z of Stoner Slang - Part 3

Welcome back for part three of our A-Z of Stoner Slang, where we’ll be delving further into terminology and lingo relating to cannabis culture. Whether you're new to the game or you're a four-twenty enthusiast, there’s so much history and information to learn about the origins of these terms. So, grab your da vinci vape, sit back and prepare to be a stoner slang pro. 

Part 3: S – Z

S- Stinging Roger

A Stinger Roger is the last hit you get on a joint. It usually gets really hot and will sting your lip and sometimes fingers when you're taking the final drag. It’s generally used in a humorous way to turn down the end of a joint when going round a group. 

T- Treefer 

The combination of these two popular slang words for weed, ‘tree’ and ‘reefer' combined into one. It’s not related to the flower but is just a fun way to refer to your stash. 

U- Up against the stem

Up against the stem essentially means you’re addicted to your weed. It’s usually used in a humorous way, as weed isn’t particularly addictive. Although it can have a withdrawal effect if you’ve been a long time smoker or trying to suddenly cut back. 

V- Vape

A piece or tool used for consuming herbs. It uses convection heat to reach a temperature that turns the cannabinoids into vapor to be inhaled, considered to be a healthier alternative of the old school joint smoking method. It can be replaced with different herbs and cbd for different effects. 

W- Wacky Tobacky 

A lighthearted term for cannabis, this term was popularly used in the 1950’s when “reefer madness” culture was on the rise. Wacky tobacky is a reference to tobacco, probably because both were rolled up into paper and then smoked, but one made the smoker a little bit more silly. The word is not often used in modern cannabis culture unless it's as a joke.

X- Tex-Mex

We might be cheating with this one, but slang starting with X is hard to come by. 

Tex-Mex is an example of a ‘brand name’ for a specific strain of weed, that also uses its geographic placement. There are heaps of these ‘brand names’ that make it easier for weed smokers to know where their product originates from, for its growing location and plant species. 

Y- Yerba 

Slang for weed in foreign and spanish speaking countries, not to be confused with the heavily caffeinated tea Yerba Mate. This slang term is gonna be useful when traveling in european countries, as it's a more generic term in and around those areas. For a tourist seeking something specific like a joint or a dealer more specific slang would be needed.

Z- Zig Zags

Rolling papers that are popular worldwide. They originated in France but are marketed by a company in the United States. Zig Zags come in a variety of types including hemp, ultra-thin, and king size. These papers are so popular that the term Zig Zags has become associated with the term rolling papers.