Stuck in Staycation? Make the Most of it

Stuck in Staycation? Make the Most of it

No one asked 2020 to turn out like this, but since it's here, we might as well make the most of it. If you're stuck at home, or at the very least stuck in your own home city for the summer, then you may be feeling like you're trapped in one long staycation. We get it: even Netflix gets boring after a while. Thankfully, you only have to think back to another time in your life when you were stuck for months on end for some boredom-saving tips. That's right: remember your teens? Rather than act like a teenager, we propose a mature twist on some of our all time favourite high-school leisure activities. Props are minimal, just grab your Storz & Bickel, basketball, your vintage CDs or records, along with some firewood and head back to the good old days in style.

Peace Out
We all had our bong phase in our teens, but your best friend's pipe just isn't going to cut it nowadays. The Volcano Storz and Bickel is arguably the best vaporiser in the world, giving you clear crisp flavour from it's sleek industrial-inspired design. Just make sure you have plenty of Easy Valve Balloons and the Adaptor at the ready, so you can explore the beauty of this machine's capabilities time and time again, with or without your mates. The Volcano is many, many levels up from your teenage bong days, and will give you a superior chill-out session that compares to no other. Or, if you're lucky enough to live near some beauty spots where you can take a long and leisurely walk, check out the Storz & Bickel Mighty for superior quality vaping on the go.

Shoot Some Hoops
There's nothing 80's and 90's teenagers liked to do more than shooting hoops after school. Re-live your Michael Jordan fantasies and dribble your way to a goal, and don't forget to spin your b-ball on your finger.

Replay Old Tunes
When we were teenagers we could only ever dream of the king of hi-fi systems we have available now. Make your inner teenager happy by dusting off your old CDs and records so you can play them on your upgraded set-up. Pour yourself your favourite drink while you're at it.

Sit Around The Fire
Bonfire nights were a frequent feature of many of our teenage years. This time, you can light a fire in a stylish firepit and sit back and enjoy the warmth in comfort. You might even play your old records at the same time, too, or indulge in your vaporiser while you watch the flame.