Prolong the Life of Your Dry Herb Vaporizer

Prolong the Life of Your Dry Herb Vaporizer

Davinci Miqro’s and other popular vaping models have become a popular smoking method for many smokers across the country. These vapes are more than a cheap purchase that can be replaced like regular tobacco cigarettes. Costing anywhere from $50-$300+, you’ll want to ensure that your vaporizer is working to its best abilities and giving you the best use for your purchase.

Vaporizer Preheat Mode

Preheating your vaporizer before taking a hit is crucial to extend the life of your unit. By preheating your model, you’re ensuring that your material is being heated at the right level and that no extra stress is being put on your vape.

By preheating your vape, your chamber will quickly heat to around 170℃ the vaporizing temperature, providing you with thick vapour and even drags. This process is super quick, taking about an average of 15-20 seconds to fully heat up.

Using Specified Materials

Some vaporizers are made with specific materials in mind; whether that's oil, ground herbs or wax, it’s essential that you're using the proper form for your vapes design. In most cases, especially with dry herb vaporizers, your herbs must be slightly dry and appropriately heated. This is important due to the heating method used. Vaporizers don’t heat your substance with a flame working to heat your herbs at a low temperature, which is why it's crucial that you’re not using materials that are too moist.


The grind of your herbs should always be well-grinded and consistent. You don’t want your material to be ground too finely or too coarse, as that can affect your vapour quality. You should also avoid filling the chamber too much to get an even distribution.

Draw Lengths

When vaping your herbs, it is recommended not to take long drags or keep them in your lungs for an extended amount of time. Instead, it’s better to vape small drags with consistent breaths for instant and efficient results. Another reason to avoid long drags is that it will often lead to dizziness and headaches.


Your vaporizer should always be cleaned with no residue left over. If a part or coil isn’t working as it should or is being congested by dirt and debris, you must change these parts. Ensuring these two aspects will mean that your vape can run smoothly and produce clean and even thicker vapour.

While maintaining the cleanliness of your vape may be daunting, it can create a heightened session for you, making your vapour clouds tastier and provide enhanced effects when being used medicinally.

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