Ever thought about micro-dosing cannabis? The new Davinci MIQRO vaporiser could be for you.


You may have heard of psychedelic micro-dosing (e.g. mushrooms), but micro-dosing cannabis isn’t new either. While it’s gaining a lot of traction now, people have been micro-dosing weed for several years. So why micro-dose? There have been many reports of the mental health benefits that micro dosing creates such as anxiety relief, managing depression, reducing stress and just general well-being. So, you can carry out your day to day activities without the psychoactive effects of cannabis creating any distractions.


When it comes to weed and mental health, for most people, less is more anyway. While smoking for some people has a calming and relaxing effect, for anxiety sufferers, high amounts of THC can have the reverse effect. Which is why a lot of people turn to micro-dosing to help ease their anxiety. It’s recommended to start with 2.5-5mg and stay with that dosage for at least a week if needed and increase to a dosage that is comfortable for you.


Vaping can be an extremely effective way to micro-dose, because you’re in control of how much you inhale. The MIQRO is perfectly designed for micro-dosing. It’s super discreet, you can take it wherever you go and can adjust the temperature to better suit your needs, so you can micro-dose throughout the day if necessary.









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