Playing with smoking techniques

Playing with smoking techniques

People like to smoke a shisha pipe in many different ways. Trying different techniques will assist with finding the perfect way of smoking a hookah pipe for you.

One of the main techniques you need to remember is that the shisha tobacco can tend to clump up due to its consistency. Before packing the hookah bowl, crumble it up using your fingers to keep it spread throughout the bowl.

Changing the water temperature is a good place to start. Some people have tried adding ice cubes into the water, comparing this to using warm water. Adding contents to the base of the hookah pipe can also be fun when exploring new flavours! Add fruit juice, frozen fruit, flavoured extracts or even wine. Another refreshing option is adding breath mints. It’s always good to start with small amounts when adding something to the water, rather than filling the entire bowl with the entire fruit skin and having an overpowering flavoured smoke. 

If you’re a fan of cola, add some ‘cola-flavoured’ soft drink into the water at the base of the shisha pipe to enhance the cola taste as you smoke.

If you prefer something in your tobacco, there are plenty of different flavoured tobacco options. Herbal Molasses is a tobacco free option for your shisha. Many flavours are available such as berry blast, cherry, coconut crunch, exotic kiwi or for those who love the alcoholic flavouring, there is also pina colada and red grape flavouring to add to your shisha. These are just a few of the tobacco-free options but it is also a great place to start for those beginner hookah smokers.

Sometimes just changing the brand of coal you’re using on your hookah can make all the difference. Try giving a natural coal a try. Generally, these are made from lemon wood, bamboo or coconut hair giving the coal it’s own flavour.

Some people like to keep their hookah hoses inside their freezers for 20 – 45 minutes before smoking. This keeps the hose perfectly cool when smoking the shisha for a smoother experience. Keep in mind though, that not all hoses are suitable for freezing, so check the details before doing so.

Talk to different people within the shisha community. There are several hookah hobbyists out there who love smoking these water pipes and have their own unique twist to using them that you might also enjoy. The one thing we love though, having extra hoses on the shisha pipe means we don’t spill our mint tea when passing the hose to the next person cause they already have their own hose!


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