Introducing the Juice Box Bong

Juice Box

If you've smoked your fair share of weed, you're likely no stranger to the sheer variety of bongs out there.

From innovative high-quality glass bongs of unusual shapes to homemade bongs made out of a bottle and a piece of hose, there's a huge range of bong types out there, all with their own appeal.

Have you ever heard of the juice box bong?

The rudimentary appeal of a homemade bong meets high-quality glass in this brilliant model.

Even the most comprehensive bong collection isn't complete until it has one of these unique pieces. Featuring a vibrant and fun design, this model looks great enough to be a display piece, while also delivering an excellent smoking experience. 

Novelty Appeal

The juice box bong definitely has some great aesthetics. Its eye-catching Groovy Scooby Doo design makes it fit to be a great display piece. It's filled with great attention to detail, even including a fun list of 'nutritional facts' as you would find with any other juice box. It's a great conversation starter when using this bong with friends. 

The glass cone is removable, allowing you to have a more subtle piece for display, if that's what you're after.

High-quality Glass Design

This juice box bong is made of 100% glass, meaning it will provide you with a great smoking experience. Glass is also amongst the easiest bong materials to clean, so you won't have to worry too much about wrestling with the piece to get it looking clean.

Measuring 6x4x10cm, the juice box bong is a good travel option, and its rectangular shape fits in some backpacks much easier than a longer cylinder-shaped bong.

Another great feature of the juice box bong is its ability to be easily converted into a dab rig with the addition of a nail and dome add-on.

History of the Juicebox Bong

While not as popular as water bottle bongs, or other makeshift devices, bongs made from real juice boxes were the inspiration behind this great item.

If you thought a homemade bottle bong was creative, a juice box bong is perhaps even more so. At The Bong Shop we love to see the innovation of weed fanatics and all the different homemade bong ideas out there.

One great part about the juice box bong, is that the straw provides a ready-made downstem. 

Usually, a bowl would be created using a pen and a metal nut.

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