Everything a Beginner Needs to Know About Vaporizer Temperatures

Everything a Beginner Needs to Know About Vaporizer Temperatures

Vaporizers have become the new and modern way for herbal connoisseurs around the globe to reap the benefits of their herbal products. A lot of users are opting for these innovative and smart units for a more tailored and effective session. 

If you’ve recently bought a new Flowermate vape in Australia and want to be able to get the best tailored experience from your unit continue reading. Today we’ll be going over the best temperatures to use in your vape to ensure you’re getting the best out of your herbs and unit.  

The Best Temperature to Vape Your Herbal Mix At

Most vaporizers will only give you freedom within your herbs activating temperature range which will most likely fall between 163-221°C. You can also use this general temperature range to target specific herb strains or at different times in your session, this is where things can get a little confusing for a beginner. 

Everyone, including beginners, should be aware and paying attention to the different experiences you can have when heating your herbs at a low to high temperature. By paying attention to the differences, you can find your sweet spot, so you can ensure a great vaping experience every time. 


Low Temperature: 119 - 159°C

It’s first important to note that heating your products at this low temperature means that you won’t get the same herbal high as a vape on a regular setting, but it can work effectively for different herbal variants. Which can closely affect the physiological effects associated with your herbs, including influencing how the herbal high feels mentally and physically. At temperatures this low your vaporizer will produce a small amount of wispy, thin vapour, but your session times will largely extend when cooking at these lower temperatures. 

Low to Mid Temperature: 160 - 177°C

If you don’t enjoy strong herbal highs but want a more potent vapour this will be the temperature level for you. At this temperature level you’ll find your vapour will be thicker and more flavourful, giving your mind a more decisive kick of mental and physical effects. The overall session experience at this temperature will be light, making it the perfect level for beginners who want to ease into their herbal high. 

Medium to High Temperature: 177 - 204°C

This temperature range is often the sweet spot for dry herb vaporizers. Using this medium to high temperature will mean a much cooler and smoother experience. The vapour will be even thicker with its flavours becoming more intense, you may at this stage lose some of the more subtle flavours that would’ve been tasted in the lower temperature ranges. If you want a rich vaping experience and don’t care so much about the flavour of your vape this is the level you’ll want to be at.  

High Temperature: 205 - 221°C

At the highest temperature it's guaranteed that you’ll be extracting nearly every last drop of herb stuffed into your chamber, as well as all its benefits. You’ll find that the psychoactive effects will be powerful at this stage, and your herbal high will be clearly present. 

This temperature will provide you with the most vapour in the shortest amount of time. It's the perfect temperature if you want to take a few puffs and move on, it’s important to remember that at this level the vapour will be full and thick as well as much hotter than before.

If you are suffering from acute pain or are trying to mitigate an anxiety attack, this may be the range you want to try.

We hope that this blog has helped you to fully understand the different experiences available to you from your vaporizer's temperature unit. If you have any more questions to help create the best vaping experience for you, contact our team. In the meantime, have a browse of our large range of vaporizers and accessories available online, and also enjoy this discount code from us for your next vaporizer purchase! 10FAB10TBS = 10% off on THE BONG SHOP!