The Coolest Vaporisers for Summer

The Coolest Vaporisers for Summer | The Bong Shop

What makes a vaporiser cool? Is it the latest technology, the best temperature control, or maybe the best design. Either way, this blog has you covered with three options to satisfy your vaping needs. For vaporisers big and small, dry herb or e-liquids, desktop or mobile, visit our store to find the best vaporizer from Brisbane to Perth and anywhere in between (SA excluded).

Cool Tech

Arguably a leader in design and technology, Davinci was established in 2011 and cemented its brand in constant innovation. It has since released several market-leading vaporizers like the IQ2, IQC and the Miqro.

The IQ2 was released more than two years ago, but it continues to satisfy a wide range of vape users and remains one of the best in portable, dual-use vaporizers. Previous models are left almost obsolete by the IQ2 as it improves on them with customisable airflow and an extended battery life. 

The IQ2 has a smart dosage function which gives you the power to track and report dose per draw and per session. An airflow dial also allows for 50% easier draws and cooler vapour. 

In 2021, the IQC was released to replace the original IQ which began DaVinci's rise to fame. The C stands for USB-C because the IQC can be charged without removing the battery as in IQ2.

We very much hope DaVinci continues its reputation of market-leading vapes and takes the best of both the IQ2 and the IQC to the next level.

Temperature Control

STORZ & BICKEL is certainly our go-to brand for the most reliable and consistent temperature technology.

The US-based company has been patenting its designs since 1998 and they continue to release “gold-standard” vapes to leave the rest of the world in second place. 

The latest out of STORZ & BICKEL was the Mighty+ in 2021 – a portable dry herb vape which packs a punch. 

This bulked up beast has a hybrid heating system which combines conduction and convection heating to maximise your materials. Including one of the best battery systems on the market, the Mighty+ is a real upgrade on its predecessor – the Mighty – that guarantees reliable results for the veteran vaper. 

The hybrid heating system has an LED 1x1 display for complete temperature control. This allows for temperatures anywhere between 40℃ and 210℃ at any time during or between your sessions. The Mighty+ offers a consistent experience with a quick heat-up time of 60 seconds and an ability to consistently maintain its heat throughout use. 

For a vape packed full of features, you can't go past STORZ & BICKEL's Mighty+.

Cool Designs

We've said it before and we'll say it again: PAX vapes are the prettiest little things you'll find in our vaporiser range.  These beautifully slimline vapes come in all kinds of colours and their range is only getting bigger!

The most recent addition to The Bong Shop's online store was the PAX 3.5 Complete Midnight Rain and we can't get enough of those deep blue hues. 

PAX vapes are another that could easily fit into the other categories mentioned above, having added smartphone connectivity, haptic feedback, and precision temperature control to the PAX 3 range back in 2016. 

But for their stainless steel casing and minimalist LED lighting, PAX holds the mantle for coolest vape design - did we mention the range of colours?!

Any Questions?

If you need to know more about the best vapourisers for this summer, contact The Bong Shop to have all your questions answered. 

We're passionate about keeping Australia cool, and we're always releasing new and innovative products that come hot off the press from the world's best brands.