The Top Five Munchies Foods (In Our Opinion)

The Top Five Munchies Foods (In Our Opinion)

When it reaches midnight and you’ve gotten home from a sesh with friends, and you get to the kitchen, trying very hard not to awaken your housemates/family, without having any actual idea of how much noise you’re making, there always needs to be a delicious meal awaiting.

Everyone has their favourites: some go for light and taste-tantalising, some go for a toasty, most go for everything that looks pretty good to them in the cupboard or fridge. However, we here at The Bong Shop have collated a few favourites from our staff, and maybe you agree, most likely you won’t (due to the highly unique concoctions people seem to produce whilst inebriated), but we’re going to list them anyway, in the hope you too will share in these delectable delights after a couple of cheeky ones. 

  1. Pasta – We’re not saying everyone can be bothered waiting for a pot of water to boil before chucking in some home brand pasta, and of course it’s better if some delicious leftover spag bole is already awaiting, but pasta provides a sensational amount of satisfaction to the belly after a couple of cones. Even the simplest combos: pesto and tasty cheese, store-bought Napolitano sauce and semi-dried tomatoes going out of date tomorrow can provide a taste sensation unrivalled in the stoned culinary world.
  2. KFC, McDonalds, Hungry Jacks, whatever – A classic but hey, who doesn’t love heading down to their local dirty feed takeaway joint at 10pm to get a large burger meal with six nuggets and an ice cream sundae? It’s a smoker’s rite of passage to make the journey down to their local mass-produced burger joint at some stage of the evening, and everyone who has experienced this pilgrimage (much like that of Harold and Kumar’s) will testify to its enjoyment factor.
  3. A Big Ol’ Bab (Kebab) – Another walk and feed, if you are lucky to find yourself in the vicinity of a late-night kebab caravan, more prominent towards the more populous areas of Australia’s capital cities, then you know you’re in for a ripper feed. The combination of succulent lamb, veggies that justify the weight of the feed you’re having, garlic sauce, wrapped up in a soft pita, is almost unbeatable for any red-eyed gastronomical connoisseur.
  4. Sushi – Maybe a bit more unique, random, and off-topic, weighing up against its sloppier aforementioned counterparts, but sushi provides a delicate and enjoyable taste and texture sensation during a sesh. Our staff members personal favourite is prawn and avocado, and claims he can eat at least ten of them when ripped, I believe it.
  5. Classic Schnacks – Scooby Doo was onto something. You can’t go wrong than by taking a quick stroll down to your local Coles or Woolies to pick up a basket bull of chips, chocolate, and orange juice (or whatever your favourite thirst quencher happens to be). When you get down to your local supermarket, red-eyed, tummy grumbling, dry mouthed, you have everything you need to satisfy your needs (including eye drops). Another pilgrimage to be undertaken, wandering the supermarket for snacks when stoned is one of the best parts of smoking, in our humble opinion.

Four out of five of these meals are quite unhealthy, but the possibility of a gluttonous, juicy feed when ripped far outweighs the fear of stacking on a kilo before you next wake up. We don’t necessarily condone making these midnight feats a part of your routine diet, but every now and again it’s imperative for enjoying a good meal after some buds.

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