Choosing the Perfect Bong for you

Choosing the Perfect Bong for you

Are you searching high and low for your next bong companion? This is not a decision to make lightly and serious thought needs to be put into selecting the ultimate piece. With so many options out there, narrowing down the list by pinpointing what smoking experience you’re hoping for is your first step. 

Whether this is your very first bong, or yet another one for the collection, knowing the differences in style, design, glass thickness and percolator types is key. This post is designed to give you a little more information around these differences to aid you on your smoking journey. 

Bong types 

The three most common bong types are the beaker base, straight tube and the recycler. Beaker bongs hold more volume and produce thinner smoke. They’re also harder to clean, but offer bigger rips. Your straight tube designs offer dense smoke and can be cleared quickly. Then there’s your recyclers which, as the name implies, recycle the water. This design is mostly used for smoking concentrates. If you’re purchasing your first bong, stick with the beaker base or straight tube. 


There’s no right answer as to which style of percolator works best and will it mostly come down to personal preference. What you’re looking for is a percolator that offers a smooth toke and a solid drag. You don’t necessarily need to have a percolator with your bong, but it’s definitely a nice addition to have. 

Glass thickness 

The thinnest bong glass starts at 2-3mm and works its way up to 3-5mm (average), to 5-7mm. This will ultimately determine how durable your bong is and how long it lasts. If you plan on taking your bong with you everywhere you go, or you have clumsy friends, definitely consider investing in a thicker glass. If you simply plan on keeping it in the one room, then glass thickness won’t be a priority. 

Bong maintenance and cleaning 

To get the most from your bong and keep the quality of each drag high, it’s important to clean out your bong frequently. The more often you use it, the quicker the inside of your bong will become coated with tar and smoke residue. Straight tube bongs are quite easy to clean, but those with multiple percolators can be much more difficult. Consider getting one with an ashcatcher, as this will be much easier to clean as opposed to the bong itself.


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