The History Of 420

The History Of 420

If there is one good thing to come out of the year 2020 it has to be a month-long 420. It's almost as if every stoner finally got their wish. 420 is more than just one day and you didn't even have to ask to get work off for it. A month to pay your respects to the holy plant and do it all from the comfort of your home, and this time, it's normal.

So, as the month rolls to an end and you gather up your weed vape pen and accessories, we couldn't help but wonder, where does the term ""420"" actually come from? It's a hot topic of debate amongst many. There's the “number of active chemicals in marijuana” people. There's the “police radio code for people smoking” people. There's even the” if you multiply the numbers in that Bob Dylan song” people. 

The thing is, none of these people seem to be crediting the right source. 

The term has actually been traced all the way back to California in 1971. A group of friends in high school (nicknamed 'The Waldos') who enjoyed smoking the substance together caught word of an abandoned marijuana plant up for grabs in their area. Members of the Waldos have since told journalists that the group was given a 'treasure map' that allegedly led to this plant. If they were able to find it, it was theirs. Free weed and a treasure hunt? It was a no-brainer for the Waldos.

The group all participated in sports and had sports practice after school. They would each finish at 4:20 pm. When they met up at this time they would pile into a member's car and smoke up. The group decided they'd set out to find the plant. Meeting up at their usual 4:20 pm and setting off to find it. 

During the day the Waldos would pass each other in the halls and remind each other about the expedition by simply saying “4:20”.

The Waldos never actually found that mystery-free plant. However, they did find a new way for students could speak freely about the substance without teachers, parents, or authorities ever having a clue. 

Flash forward to today and the term spread like smoke! Not only is the term recognised and used across the globe to this day, it became its own unofficial global holiday. On the 20th of the 4th-month people around the world celebrate their love for cannabis. The day itself is a time to talk with friends and rally for the further legalization of marijuana. It's ultimately a day to celebrate all things cannabis. 

Who would've thought, a bunch of teen stoners in 70's California would shape the culture of cannabis around the globe forever?!