Benefits of Bigger Bongs

Bigger Bongs

Whenever you're shopping for a new bong, size is definitely something to take into account.

While a smaller bong can be more discreet and easier to store and carry around, we all know that a bigger bong will get you higher faster.

At The Bong Shop, we stock a huge variety of smoking devices. We have all the best bong brands including Titan bongs, Planet X, and many more. So, whether you are looking for a run-of-the-mill bong or something that will really blow your socks off, you'll find it in our store today.

Why Do Bigger Bongs Hit Different? 

When a bong is larger, there are several factors that will alter your smoking experience. 

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of bigger bongs is that it creates more smoke. More smoke means that you will get bigger and more potent hits. 

In addition to this, the larger a bong is, the more percolation it will create. This means more filtration which creates smoother and cleaner hits. 

If you've got a high tolerance, or just want to get high as fast as possible, a bigger bong is the obvious choice. A huge bong also contributes a long way towards the feeling and atmosphere of a group session. Even with the great smoking benefits aside, nothing can match that feeling when somebody pulls out a bong worthy of spectacle. You know that you're in for a great session, and that can really get the mood going.

Other Things to Consider

While there are certainly benefits to using a bigger bong, they aren't for everybody.

If you have low tolerance, or just prefer to take your time and get high at a leisurely pace, a smaller-sized bong could be a better choice. 

When shopping for your first bong, it can be easy to drift towards a bigger bong. After all, who wouldn't want to get stronger and smoother hits? But whether it is your first time smoking weed, or just the first time using a bong, it's better to start small and work your way up to a better size. This logic also extends to if you are introducing a friend to weed for the first time.

If you are serious about smoking weed, it's best to invest in a range of different smoking devices. This way, you'll have something to suit every occasion.

So, if you're popping over to a friend's house or introducing someone to weed, you'll have a portable and easy-to-use device ready. Meanwhile, you'll have a bigger bong to use at home, when you're looking for a strong session with some fellow aficionados. 

The benefits of a bigger bong are amazing, but at The Bong Shop, we reckon that every bong is pretty great.