The Stoner's Holiday Gift Guide 2020


On the hunt for the best presents for the smokers in your life? Look no further! We've got a fantastic selection of products ranging from our classic bong and hookah offerings to grinders, vapes and accessories, so you'll be sure to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones here at The Bong Shop

Get in the mood for the festive season with our top picks. These gifts are going to be high on any seasoned stoner's list, and we've got a little bit of everything below to help with the hunt for the perfect present. No matter what you're celebrating or who you're celebrating with, we hope you all have the happiest and highest of holidays!

Planet X Fantasy Series Vol 2

This is the ultimate high-end gift for the smoking connoisseur in your life. Whether you go for full size or mini, these babies are all individually made by hand. Crafted from glass, the Planet X Fantasy Series Vol 2 bongs each have their own unique colouring and pattern. There's a huge range of options to choose from, including gorgeous cosmic inspired designs.

Stash Jar 

If you're looking for a gift for a buddy who needs somewhere to stash their goodies, Bad Ass has got you covered with a fantastic range of airtight glass stash jars. Designs include Weed Leaf, Mary Jane, Sticky Ricky and Don't Panic…It's Organic! You might as well buy one for yourself while you're at it.

Cute Kawaii Weed Leaf Cushion

This adorable cushion is the best gift for a friend who loves cosying up in front of the tv when they're having a chill sesh. Made out of material so soft and plush that they'll almost be too comfortable to do anything else over the holidays!

Rolling Tray Smoking Pack

These awesome little packs contain all the smoking essentials and make a great Kris Kringle gift or stocking filler. They come with a rolling tray, rolling papers, acrylic grinder, metal dry pipe and a pack of 5 mesh screens. Designs to choose from: Rick & Morty, 420 Mystery Box, Weed accessories & Leaves.

Toker Poker

For the friend who is always stealing yours, get them a lighter and one of these bad boys! The toker poker fits snugly on a Bic lighter and has been carefully designed with a bunch of cool features. It has a specially tapered corner for stoking your cone, a hinged wire for poking and unblocking and there's a groove on the bottom half that allows you to wrap a hemp wick around it. Now everything is all in the same place! Choose from an array of colours or select one from our super rad Rick and Morty range.

The Happy Kit Mini in Green

Great for everyday use or travel, this is a truly thoughtful gift for that smoker in your life. It is perfectly pocket sized which makes it great for on the go. The sturdy carry case features an internal foil-lined zip pocket to hide your stash and includes all the essentials: one-hitter taster bat, filter tips, rolling papers and a stoker.

Pourite Shot Glasses

Sometimes knocking back shots are just what an evening in calls for! This 4 pack of pourite shot glasses is the perfect gift for that friend who loves their liquor as much as they love their weed! Ideal for when you're entertaining pals during the holidays.

Pirate Loot

This lil gift pack makes for an ideal stocking filler! Comes with a grinder, pipe and two king-size rolling papers. The affordable price makes it perfect for those on a budget, and it's also a great idea for a Kris Kringle gift.

We hope you enjoy this list and that it has given you some inspiration for your festive shopping. With our great range of products, we're sure you'll be able to find gifts for all of your loved ones who love a good smoke sesh. Happy shopping and season's greetings Stoners!