Pax Vaporizers: All You Need to Know

DaVinci Australia

If you're looking for a vape that's a little more discreet than your current Da Vinci Australia's herb connoisseurs have just the vaporizer for you! Pax are producers of the most well-known and highly regarded vaporizers around. Their great rep is all thanks to their model's incredible performance, vapour quality and advanced technology giving you the best possible experience. 

If you're looking to upgrade, or just add another to your collection we wouldn't recommend anything other than Pax! Today we'll be going through all the beautiful models they've made, to find the best one for you.

Basic and Complete Models

Pax's first step towards becoming one of the top vaporizer names was creating a variety of options for their customers. The Pax 3 in particular has a whole array of colours to customise your smoking session. 

On top of creating more than 10 colours, that also come in different textures: matte, glossy etc. They've also created the option of a basic and complete vaporizer set. Their basic sets come with the essentials, which is pretty much your vape and its charger, plus some spare mouthpieces and a cleaning kit. While the complete set comes with a multifunctional packing tool, three spare screens and three oven lids; the standard (same as the Pax 2), comes with a lid with a concentrated canister (for wax use) and a half-pack lid which allows you to pack the chamber halfway.

Pax 2

The Pax 2 was way ahead of its time during its 2015 release, it really changed the game. Its four LED lights became the recognisable petals of Pax. This LED feature became a part of their logo as well as a functional part of the vaporizer, showing the temperature and battery level as well as the current mode.  

Pax brought the concept of functionality and connection their users' smoking experience. Creating a party mode in their models with light effects and games and creating an experience for everyone to enjoy. This model also has 4 pre-set temperatures (182°C, 193°C, 204°C, 215°) making it easy for beginners or those who want to play around with their vape experience. 

The Pax 2 also comes with a conduction style oven, this works through heating your product directly. Filling the anodised aluminium chamber with up to 0.3g of your favourite herbs. This is great if you don't want to wait around for your herbal high (it only takes 45 seconds to get going!) 

Pax 3 

The Pax 3, only made a year later, was an improved and more advanced model of the 2nd. It has a longer battery life, is twice as strong and even more powerful in its heating unit because of the chamber ridges included, that allow extra air flow and consistent heating. This of course means that a better vapour quality is possible, with the vapour in the Pax 3 becoming smoother and tastier than its older sibling. The Pax 3 also comes with haptic feedback, with the vaporizer vibrating when it is ready to go (which wouldn't take long at all).

Like the Pax 2 this vape also comes with a motion sensor, which goes into standby after 30 seconds and turns itself off after 3 minutes of no activity. Saving your battery life and preserving your herbs from overcooking. 

Pax Innovative Design Features

Along with all these updated features the Pax 3 model comes with some innovative tech. The first main feature that makes it stand out from the rest is the advanced lip sensing technology, which detects the motion and presence of your lips on the mouthpiece. This may not sound like much but allows the unit to start its cooling and heating system, cooking the material appropriately and providing consistent draws.

The Pax 3 also comes with an app that can control and customise the temperature, flavour, efficiency, stealth, and boost modes available. The unit automatically adjusts the setting each time to fit your desired experience. The app can also lock your vape from others picking it up and using it, as well as customise the colour and brightness of the Pax petals. 

If you're a herbal connoisseur looking for a new vaporizer you can't go past Pax. If you have any more questions about these or any other models feel free to contact us or view the large range of Pax vaporizers available on our website. Here's a discount code from us for your next vaporizer purchase! 0FAB10TBS = 10% off on THE BONG SHOP!