Must-have Vaporizer Accessories

Vaporizer Accessories

Once you've found the perfect vape for you, it will be time to add all the bells and whistles to your session essentials. 

The Bong Shop has all of the vaporizer accessories you could ever ask for from brands like Davinci, PAX, STORZ & BICKEL, and Dynavap Australia-wide (SA excluded). 

You won't know what you've been missing out until you try them, so check out this blog and then visit our store to find our convenient and trendy extras.

Cleaning Equipment

It would be irresponsible of us, as one of Australia's leading vaporizer suppliers, to forget about the importance of keeping your kit clean. So straight off the top, we've got a few key ingredients for clean kush that you will wish you'd learned sooner. 

The environmentally-friendly Kush Kleen Cleaner is a great way to remove all of the tar and residue from inside your vape. As any seasoned vape user will know – that stuff gets sticky. Without proper cleaning techniques, your vape will soon become a hot mess of dirty vapour and poorly heated weed.

Simply take your vape apart and soak the sticky pieces in warm water with a few of these Kush Kleen crystals and see how pristine your vape can become. Another important piece of your cleaning kit is a cleaning brush. This simple little tool is great for scrubbing away stubborn residue after you're finished soaking the vape pieces. Grab a few of these on your way to checkout or else you'll be working away on tougher grime for far longer than necessary. 


No, not for your hands – for your vape! Take this DaVinci Miqro Glove, for example. Its rubber design still gives you access to all the buttons you need, while giving the device a stylish and well-protected exterior.

If you drop your vape as often as your phone, you're going to need some sort of case. These little additions can make all the difference to your vaping experience, keeping you in control and looking the part while you vape. 

Spare Parts

No vaporizer is indestructible. We repeat: no vaporizer is indestructible! 
Yes, STORZ & BICKEL vapes look so sturdy you could build a house with them. 
And yes, DaVinci offers their protective gloves for those accidental falls. 
But it never hurts to have a few spare parts on hand in case the inevitable happens at the worst possible time. There may be nothing worse than having a craving crop up and your favourite vape blows a gasket.

You can get a DaVinci Hydrotube for a smoother pull, or a 3-pack of PAX oven screens to sort you out for the long-term. Whichever spare parts you invest in, do so with the knowledge your sessions are safe from the inconvenience of a breakdown. 

Rely on our Supply!

Consider The Bong Shop as your favourite vaping accessory. We're there for you in case of an emergency and can provide you with the safety and confidence you need to vape in peace. Get in touch or visit our store to fulfil all your vaping needs.