How to Make Your Vaporizer Weed Last Longer

Vaporizer Weed Last Longer

If times are tough for you, you might want to think about making your weed last longer to save money. If you're using a vaporizer instead of smoking joints or bongs, you're well on your way to getting the most out of your weed. But there are still plenty of things you can do to maximise your material.

The Bong Shop is sure to have the best weed vaporizer for your needs. Whether you prefer fun functionality, a sturdy casing, or a pretty design, there are plenty of dry herb vaporizers to choose from. 

How you use them is up to you. But consider this blog if you find yourself tearing through your stash faster than you'd like. 

Grind Your Weed Well

A good grinder is only half the battle. In order to get the most from your weed, you want to be patient with your grinding and make sure you get it right before packing the vaporizer. 

A bud torn up with your hands simply won't do the job because the heat won't be able to penetrate the large lumps in your chamber. Instead, grind until your weed becomes small and fluffy, able to be packed into your chamber until it's full. 

This way, heat penetrates your weed evenly and effectively, while also making it easier to shake it all up when you feel the vapour losing its edge. 

Clean Your Vape

When you try to make your weed last longer, what you're really asking is how to make each pull the most pristine it can be. It's no good making your weed last longer if it isn't an enjoyable experience. This is where good cleaning techniques come in. 

By keeping your vaporizer clean, you remove the residue left from buds gone by and allow each new pull to be purely the product of fresh weed. 

If you don't clean you vape, the worst-case scenario might be that you replace your half-used weed because you think it's lost its edge, when in fact the flavour was all lost in the residue. 

Smoke Already Vaped Weed (ABV)

If you are inclined to smoke as well as a vape, then using your ABV can be a good way to make each gram go further. 

It may not be full strength and it's likely to look a little on the brown side, but in most cases, ABV is still right to go for your next joint. If it's not burnt already, then it can be! 

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