How to Clean a Herbal Vape

How To Clean A Herbal Vape | The Bong Shop

Vaporizers can be an essential everyday item for some people – as important as your phone, wallet and keys. So just as you treat your phone with care, your vape should receive the same amount of TLC. 

Not only can keeping your vape clean keep it working better for longer, but it can also improve your vaping experience by cleaning out any old residue before your next sip. 

At The Bong Shop, we understand vaporizers are an investment, so we want everyone to know how to clean a herbal vape properly. 

The Chamber

Start from probably the most important part of the vaporizer and use a small brush to remove any unwanted old materials. These can be quite stubborn sometimes so it's best to attempt cleaning soon after using the vape as the heat will help. Be sure to let it cool to a manageable temperature, however, as touching inside the vape immediately after use may lead to burns!

Use a cotton bud soaked in rubbing alcohol or The Bong Shop's range of cleaning liquids to scrub inside the chamber and leave it looking polished and ready for your next session. Be stingy with the cleaning liquids inside the vape as any excess dripping down into the battery or wiring can damage them. 

The Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece should be cleaned regularly to avoid bacteria or gunk building up and ruining your vape experience. As the name suggests, this is the piece you put in your mouth and therefore the piece you should want to remain the cleanest. 

Most vapes are designed with a removable mouthpiece, allowing for easier cleaning and access to the filters beneath. 

If yours is removable, do so and place it in a bath of soapy water using your cleaning liquids. If your mouthpiece is rubber or synthetic, make sure to avoid the rubbing alcohol here as this can degrade the porous material. 

Screens and Filters

As with the mouthpiece, the filters beneath should be easy enough to remove depending on the design of your vaporizer. Once removed, try to clear as much resin and stray herbs from the filter as you can to ensure your next inhale is as clean as possible. 

After a while, some filters may be dirty beyond repair and it will be best to buy a new one at this point. This can be quite expensive over time, however, making it even more important to clean all parts of the vape regularly. 

Air Path

Beneath the filter you will find a canal where the vapour passes from the heating chamber and up to the mouthpiece. Again, this may be removable, and you should repeat a similar process of scrubbing residue using cleaning liquid. 

Repeat the process until the tube is well cleaned and you're ready to reassemble the vape. 

Before You Go

After all this rubbing alcohol and cleaning liquid, we recommend you run a full heating and cooling cycle through the vape once it's reassembled. This will ensure your next vape is completely clean of any residue and cleaning chemicals. 

If you need any more tips about cleaning or maintaining your vape, The Bong Shop team is always happy to help out. Make sure to get in touch before investing in your next vaporizer or any spare parts you might need post-clean up.