Dry Herb vs E-Cig Vaporizers

Dry Herb vs E-Cig Vaporizers

If you're looking for a healthier high than smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes, vaporisers are definitely the way to go. This secret has been out and about for many years now and the hunt to develop the best dry herb vaporizer has become an exciting one to watch.

This just means that there is now a world of options to choose from and things can get confusing when you decide to try vaping. Dry-herb or e-Cig concentrates? DaVinci or Vaptio? Blue, black, pink, white, silver? There's so many vapes to choose from, so how can we help you decide? 

The Bong Shop has decades of experience in all things marijuana and we're proud to give you the information you need to be confident in your next vape.

Consider the points below and get in contact with us to learn which one will suit you best. 

Same but Different

The main difference between dry herb vaporizers and e-cigarettes is the material you use to create your vapour. A dry herb vape heats raw cannabis flower using either conduction or convection to release the cannabinoids. This low-temperature process avoids burning the bud and doesn't create the harmful carcinogens that smoking does.

While traditional cigarettes reach temperatures of up to 900 degrees in order to combust tobacco and release smoke into our lungs, both dry herbs and e-cigarettes only need to heat up to around 200 degrees. 

Instead of cannabis flowers, the difference with e-cigarettes is that they use e-liquids to produce your vapour. Our e-liquids are nicotine free, allowing you to transition from smoking to vaping or nothing at all. They come in a range of flavours and can still include the tobacco touch you're used to.

Which is Better?

The choice between dry herb or e-liquid vaporizers is a very personal one and unfortunately there isn't really a “better” option to make things easier. The choice will come down to your flavour preferences, your reason for vaping, your budget, and which experience is better for you. 

If you're an ex-smoker who's looking for a similar experience with less adverse health effects, then an e-cigarette is probably to your liking. If you prefer the high of consuming raw weed, then a dry herb vape is more your style. 

Some vapes are more versatile and allow you to use both materials, but some people are put off by the sticker nature of e-liquids over dry herbs. The latter does eventually become sticky too, but which one handles better will be up to you. 

Try These on for Size

Some examples of dry herb vaporizers include STORZ & BICKEL's MIGHTY+. It's a portable vape that packs a punch and can heat your herb in roughly 60 seconds. 

Phone connectivity, LED interface, and fast charge time is all included in this market-leading vape. When you invest in a product from STORZ & BICKEL, you're sure to be satisfied.

On the e-Cig side of things, Vaptio is our go-to for affordable and well-designed vaporizers. The Vaptio Cosmo G1 has adjustable airflow and a 3ml e-liquid capacity which should last you a couple of days. If you run out of e-liquid, The Bong Shop has a range of tasty refills to choose from, such as blueberry, coffee, or cool menthol.

Let Us Know Your Preference

Once you get in contact with The Bong Shop, we can point you in the right direction. We know how to match a person with the right vape in a matter of minutes, and your next puff will be better for it. Until then, we'll wait to hear from you!