Different Smokes For Different Folks

Different Smokes For Different Folks

We get it. Shopping online bongs can be overwhelming to say the least. There's definitely such a thing as being spoilt for choice! You want to make sure the bong you pick is right for you. When it comes to deciding between material, make, colour, attachments, size, it can be hard to know what will suit your needs.

If you're wondering what might be right for you we've made it easy by breaking down some of the main pros and cons surrounding the most common materials on the market.

Happy shopping and even happier smoking!


The OG of bong technology! We like to call ceramics the vinyl records of bongs. It's the old school technology that just hits a little different to anything modern. Ceramic bong making is basically an ancient technology. You can be sure it's tried and tested as it has been used for decades and decades. They don't just look and feel good either, ceramic made bongs are loved for their super smooth smoke and true flavour too! 

Another great thing about ceramic made equipment is that it is less sensitive to temperature changes. This means it will withstand many a 420! You may need to fork out a little more than usual for a ceramic bong but it's certainly worth it. If you want something that is just as much for sentimentality as it is for smoking then ceramic is the one for you!


Ceramic's hot younger sibling that is a little more with the times. Glass is easily the most iconic material on the market. You'll find the most variety when shopping for a glass bong too. In terms of design, size, attachments there is plenty to choose from. 

Your glass bong may be a little more fragile than others however the benefits are high. They provide a nice clean smoke and don't heat up as much as others making them a great all round smoking experience.

Picking your glass bong can be fun too. They come in a huge variety of shapes. From your more classic, standard ones to some pretty intricate ornamental ones too. You can pick one that perfectly fits your personality and style.

Glass is perfect for any budget too. They're affordable without ever sacrificing quality. It won't mess with the flavour of your smoke and you can customise and add accessories as you please. A good glass bong will last you for years and you'll always know when it's due for a clean. It's also naturally non porous so cleaning itself is easier than other materials!


If you're looking for a quick fix cheap bong to have a bit of fun with then meet acrylic. What you save on price you sacrifice on longevity. An acrylic won't last you forever and they are often a little more prone to breaking.This is because they heat up a lot more than other materials and can crack.  Luckily they are super easy to replace. They're great if you need something light that you can move around too. 

We suggest when buying acrylic you make sure that your bong is coming from a certified seller. Acrylic that is not safety standard can be incredibly dangerous so try to make sure what you're buying is regulated.


Silicone is a much newer technology. If you're a little clumsy or all your bongs have broken in the past it might be time to invest in a silicone one. These bad boys are pretty much unbreakable. 

Another reason we love silicone is how easy it is to clean. You can just chuck this one in the dishwasher with all your cereal bowls and pizza plates. If you need to remove smells from your silicone bong you can whack it in the freezer too! If you're a major purist on flavour look for a silicone bong with a glass bowl for that pure clean smoke!