Cleaning Your Hookah Pipe

Cleaning Your Hookah Pipe

So you’ve had a big night with your friends, you’ve cleaned up on the poker table, you’ve cleaned up the garage after your mates have all gone home and they left their drinks everywhere. Now all that’s left is to clean your shisha pipe, but how? It’s actually pretty simple. Cleaning your hookah before the first use and after each smoking session will actually help to keep away any previous flavours of your smoke. Follow these quick four steps to clean your hookah pipe perfectly every time.


  1. Simply wash all the components of your hookah pipe with soapy water, except of course for the hoses as this will cause rust. Don’t make the water too hot on the glass as this can cause cracks

  2. Pour water into the base but keep note of where the stem of the hookah pipe ends. You want to leave a layer of air at the top of the hookah as too much water can ruin your hoses if too much water gets pulled in.

  3. Assemble the hookah pipe as you would when you’re about to use it. Be sure it’s fitted correctly and everything is airtight, then remove the bowl for the rest of this exercise. To clean the hookah, you’ll only be using one hose, but be sure to connect all hoses to guarantee the shaft is sealed.

  4. To test and clean the airflow, cover the top of the shaft, by blocking the entire hole by placing your hand over the top. Try inhaling and if you get anything more than a trickle of water come through then there is a leak somewhere in your shisha pipe. Check all the connections and adjust the following:
    • Ensure all grommets are airtight. Remove them, wet it and try again.
    • If it’s around the shaft, wrap the shaft with some masking tape where it fits into the base. Add layers until it fits snug but is still easy to remove.
    • If its any other connection, wrap it in some foil or moist paper towels. Just remember to dry the hoses if you’re using moist papers towels right after smoking.

This is all a basic overview on how to clean your hookah pipe after every use to keep getting the best smoking experience you can every time you use it. You might discover some new techniques on your own that might work better for you. Be sure to share them with fellow shisha pipe smokers as there is a large community worldwide that love sharing their smoking experiences with fellow hookah pipe smokers.


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