Best Ways to Repurpose an Old Bong

Old Bongs

There are plenty of ways to clean your bong and make it last longer. But if your trusty toke tool has reached its end, try getting creative and keeping it around a little while longer. 

There's no need to worry when your bong reaches the end of its life, our online store can deliver bong and vape supplies Australia-wide (SA excluded) and there's plenty of replacement parts available. But maybe you've decided to leave weed behind altogether and just can't bring yourself to chuck out your favourite bong. 

This blog will put your mind at ease and give you plenty of inspiration for how to repurpose that old bong. 

A Vase

Possibly the most natural second life for your old bong is a vase to hold flowers, incense, or any other oblong item. Hell, keep your umbrella in it, we're not fussed! 

The long and strong shape of the bong lends itself to these oblong items and if your bong is transparent it will show off the stems of your flowers well.

If you'd like to forget that it used to be a bong, you can even decorate its outside with flower petals and any other floral features you can find. 

A Water Jug

If you're throwing your bong away because it's too dirty, we wouldn't recommend this one… 

But if the bong can be made sparkling clean again and you simply aren't into bongs anymore, a water jug could be a fun party trick to pull out at your next family dinner. 

Just make sure to plug the carburetor where you control smoke and airflow otherwise your jug will be all form and no function.

Stationary Holder

Sometimes creativity hits hardest while you're in the midst of a good high and you might want your pens, pencils or paint brushes to be within reach.

Depending on its size and design, there are multiple elements to a bong where you can store your stationary. Paintbrushes down the neck, pencils in the downstream, or an eraser in the bowl and you can keep your den desk in order 

Hang It Up

If the above ideas aren't taking your fancy, simply hang it on the wall in your smoker's den or kitchen wall - wherever you like! 

So long as it's secure and can't fall off easily, your old bong could make for a pretty and interesting piece of wall art. It may not be for everyone, but some bongs have cooler designs than others and yours could be the perfect piece. 

Hit Us Up!

The Bong Shop is run by those who know best. We've seen bongs recycled into all kinds of nifty objects. With a bit of handiwork and creativity, you too can turn that old bong into a staple of your home. Decanters, tea pots, hell, coffee strainers, your imagination is the only limitation. 

Contact us for some inspiration and we'll point you in the right direction.