Best Homemade Bong Ideas


Sometimes, you just need a hit. But it just happens to be the day after you broke your last bong and you're stuck for ideas. 

If you're sick of looking for the best weed vaporizer to replace it and want to stick with the trusty bong, this blog is for you.

We're not sure how you broke that old faithful friend - our bongs are bloody indestructible! - but you did and now you're looking for a quick fix using some household items. 

So we put our heads together and came up with our favourite back-up bongs at home. Just make sure you get that hit and then visit our store to find a replacement. Apple bongs aren't a long-term fix!

What's in a Bong?

To get the smoke flowing, your homemade bong will need 5 essential elements, exactly like a real bong. 

  • A Neck: This is the long, large pipe where the smoke flows to your mouth.
  • Chamber: This is where the water goes.
  • Carburetor: This is a small hole in the side of your chamber to control airflow.
  • Down stem: This is a smaller pipe on the opposite side of the chamber to the neck. It connects the chamber to the bowl and channels smoke through the water.
  • Bowl: The small piece at the top of the down stem where your weed is packed and burnt.

Fruit Bong

This one proves the essence of this blog - anything can be a bong!

Simply hollow out your fruit of choice - apples, watermelons or pineapples work quite well - and connect something like a carrot to act as the neck and down stem. 

Fruit works well for homemade bongs because the flesh is easy to dig into shape, such as the bowl shape in the end of a carrot!

Bottle Bong

An old favourite! If you've ever spent an evening with some seasoned smokers, there's sure to be the odd unnamed sports drink bottle lying around in case of emergency. 

Simply quarter-fill the bottle with water and poke a pipe-like object into the side of the bottle at a 45-degree angle. The end of the pipe inside the bottle should be submerged in the water as you burn the weed in a makeshift bowl at the other end of the downstem. 

Smoke should filter through the water and rise to the lid of the bottle for you to uncap when you're ready for your hit. 

Tic-Tac Bong

At this point, you're probably getting the idea. For this one, we take a cleaned out Tic-Tac container and repeat the process, if only on a slightly smaller scale. 

Quarter-fill the “chamber” with water, stick your favourite detachable downstem in the side of it and produce a makeshift bowl from a piece of tin foil. Just make sure to poke a couple of small holes in the foil to allow smoke to pass through into the container. 

We must advise you to be extra careful not to melt the plastic container as this will release harmful vapours and ruin your hit. If you're worried about melting the plastic, this setup can be replicated with any household container - like a pringles can!

Get Creative!

There are so many options for homemade bongs that we thought we'd let you figure some out for yourself. 

Then, when you're ready to invest in a more effective, well-made bong, try our online store and have one delivered to your door.