Benefits of the Chewy G3 Grinder

Chewy G3 Grinders

The Chewy G3 grinder represents cutting-edge grinder technology. If you consider yourself a weed enthusiast, you owe it to yourself to check this device out.

The Chewy G3 grinder hosts a bunch of amazing features, all in a sleek, easily portable device. If you're tired of conventional grinders breaking down or giving a bad grind, it's time to step your game up to the G3. Don't rely on kitchen utensils or your fingers to grind your weed, if you are committed to smoking weed, you deserve a special tool. 

This grinder was designed with convenience in mind, meaning not only is it the perfect tool for a weed aficionado, but it is also a perfectly usable device for those who suffer from arthritis or chronic pain. You can get premium grinded weed with a single button press,

The G3 is available both in a basic edition and in a deluxe edition. The basic edition includes the grinder, a cleaning brush, and a charging cable, while the deluxe edition comes packed with two sizes of filling cone and a storage tube. 

The Most Accessible Grinder Available

The Chewy G3 was designed with ease of use as its core. There has never been a more accessible grinder. 
Every day, many people around the world use weed to get relief from chronic pain and diseases like arthritis. 
Unfortunately, if you suffer from such pain, even simply grinding weed with a conventional grinder can be an almost impossible task. When the act of accessing your pain relief is causing pain in itself, you find yourself in a horrible situation. 
Fortunately, the Chewy G3 grinder offers a solution to this issue. Unlike a conventional grinder, it can grind with just a single button press. Its single-touch operation ensures that you can grind your weed with as little effort as possible.
Furthermore, the Chewy G3 features five food-grade, stainless steel, uni-directional blades, so you know you'll be getting a premium to grind every time you use it.
A great part of this feature is that it will keep your hands clean and smell-free, great for when you're out and about.
The deluxe edition of the Chewy G3 includes filling cones, so your freshly ground weed can be easily funneled straight into a joint. Simply pack the weed down and twist off the end.


In addition to its single press technology and its five uni-directional blades, the Chewy G3 includes several more features.
The Chewy G3 has easy disassembly with non-stick parts, ensuring the device can be easily pulled apart for cleaning purposes. The device also includes built-in storage for 5 grams of weed. The deluxe edition also includes a storage tube, so you'll never find yourself caught without.
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