A Guide to Waterfall Bongs & Grinders

Waterfall Grinders

If you're looking for a quality, Australian-made bong or grinder, Waterfall is the place to go. Since 1978, they've manufactured a reliable range of bongs and accessories, and by 1997 they were exporting to the world. 

This gives The Bong Shop the level of assurance we require to deliver their reliable products to you! 

If you're after the best vaporizer Australia has to offer, this blog may not be for you. But for high-quality bongs and grinders, we will reveal what makes Waterfall such a trusted brand across Australia and the world. 

Comprehensive Design

Every aspect of Waterfall bongs has been considered by the manufacturer, from the cap, through each chamber, to the burner and base. 

Take the Titan series bong, for example. This triple trap glass bong has three in-built glass trap filters to allow the smoke to smooth and cool before you pull, providing a far more enjoyable experience. The multiple chambers causes the smoke in this beautiful bong to put on an entrancing display as you wait for the smoke to do its thing. 

Adding to the experience of owning a Waterfall bong, the Titan comes in a custom padded crate-style wooden box with steel fittings, a heat-pressed logo and foam inserts for protection and style. 

In grinders, Waterfall two-parts are made from lightweight aluminium with a magnetic lid to create a smooth and compact twist. This combines with extra sharp teeth for a fine grind. These are perfect for simply grinding herb, but if you need to grind and collect herb while also storing kief, their four-part grinders are for you. 

Wide Range

If one Waterfall product doesn't work for you, the next one just might. They offer products for the learners and the legends, to keep everyone in the community catered for. 

If a simple design like the Zap Bonza bong doesn't tickle your fancy, then the Titan or maybe the Beano with ash catcher is more your style. There's honestly one for everybody. Just check out our range to find the bong that suits you. 

Same goes with Waterfall grinders! Their two-part, four-part, or mill grinders are sure to suit your needs and all products are designed with easy cleaning in mind for a no-fuss session. 

Reliable Materials

Waterfall bongs are made with borosilicate glass for durability and heat resistance. In fact, it's not unheard of to drop borosilicate glass and escape damage-free! 

Likewise, their silicone caps and seals are made to ensure your bong quality lasts as long as you need and seals the smoke in tight. 

Waterfall grinders are manufactured from lightweight aluminium using a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine which maintains accuracy and quality in each build.

Fast Delivery, Breakage Replacement

When you buy a Waterfall product from the bong Shop, you're investing in a quality product with quality customer service. Our delivery service operates Australia-wide (SA exclusive) and is dedicated to replacing any products that arrive in sub-par condition. 

Visit our online store to browse Waterfall bongs and grinders - you won't be disappointed!