A Guide to PAX Vaporisers

A Guide to PAX vaporisers | The Bong Shop Australia

Named after the Latin word for peace, PAX has built a brand on aesthetically pleasing products that bring “a more flowerful life” to the user. PAX has become an essential for parties and on-the-go vaping, owing to its many user-friendly design features which we will discuss in this blog. 

PAX has grown steadily to become one of the most recognisable brands in the hands of regular Australian vape users and continues to release innovative products to please their growing audience. The latest installment in a line of quality vaporizers was the PAX 3 which includes lip-sensing technology for vaping efficiency. 

Not only does PAX sell quality vaporizers, but a visit to its online store reveals a range of trendy apparel and accessories to complete your session. 

Check out this blog to discover the ins and outs of PAX vaporizers and find out if they're the right fit for you. 

Something to Suit Everyone

PAX's strength is in designing a range of vaporizers to suit a range of vaping needs. This is showcased in the many different colors their products come in - from midnight rain to matte rose gold.

They also offer the option of a basic, standard, or complete vaporizer set. The basic sets include just the essentials - a vape and a charger, plus some spare mouthpieces and a cleaning kit. 

In comparison, the complete set also includes a packing tool, three spare screens, and three oven lids; or, the standard set comes with a lid with a concentrated canister (for wax use) and a half-pack lid for smaller doses.

PAX 3.5: The Latest and Greatest

PAX 3 is one of the most well-known and highly regarded vaporizers on the market, known for its discreet, portable, and odor-friendly design. 

These dry herb and concentrate vaporizers are the most modern way to reach fully satisfying results, and the PAX 3.5 only builds on this reputation. 

Where PAX 3 took all of the favorite features of the PAX 2 and added more advanced features to the mix, the 3.5 offers more power, intelligence, and versatility. 
Using Bluetooth smartphone connectivity, the user has more control with full customization of the vaping experience. This includes temperature control, LED light control, and a choice between Stealth Mode, Flavour Mode, Efficiency Mode, and Boost Mode.

Lip-Sensing Technology

This feature is so intriguing it deserves its own sub-heading!

Unlike other vaporizers, PAX 3 uses advanced lip-sensing technology to detect motion and the presence of the user's lips on the mouthpiece, allowing the unit to activate its intelligent cooling and heating system based on the user's technique to ensure vaping efficiency. 

PAX 3 is an excellent vaporizer for groups who want a fun vaping experience. The party mode and hidden games are bound to keep everyone entertained! There is no question why PAX is one of the highest demanded vaporizers on the market.

Need to Know More?

If this blog has got you intrigued about the lengths that PAX can go to, get in touch with the Bong Shop to learn more about our range. 

We're happy to help you find the perfect vape for you, whether it's by PAX or some other brilliant brand.