Your Guide to Storz & Bickel

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Storz & Bickel is a household name known across all herb connoisseurs. They’ve been setting the standard for quality vapes for years, producing a range of vapes that have outshone new and later models. Brands like Pax and Da Vinci Australia wide just can’t compare to the outstanding production and function of Storz & Bickel, making them a quality choice for a range of herbal high seekers. 

Today we'll be taking a closer look at just why so many people are choosing to add Storz & Bickel vaporizers to their collections by having a closer inspection of some of their most popular models.   

Desktop Vaporizers 

Using the newest technology these desktop vaporizers or Volcanos have been called the epitome of vaping units. They’ve been crafted by Storz & Bickel to perform highly for years; this extended quality of life is all thanks to the high-quality materials used through its German manufacturing. It’s been referenced by expert herb connoisseurs as the most technologically advanced vaporizer to date. This cutting-edge technology and heating systems gives you 75% extraction of your herbs, which should be more than enough to grab your attention. 

The Volcano comes in three different models: analogue, digital and the hybrid. The hybrid obviously taking the cake here. With two heating elements that can fire your herbs up in around a minute. 

A common theme in a large range of Storz & Bickel products is the partnership created with handheld technology. The Volcano uses a partnered phone app that can adjust the temperature and power controls through Bluetooth. This is not only heaps easier for your use but means that you can simply experiment around with the fan speeds and heating times. 


The Crafty+ is Storz & Bickel’s portable model. Measuring at 4.3 inches tall it can easily fit in your pockets and can be charged through a USB charger making it perfect to plug in while you’re on the go. 


Its battery can last up to four to six hours spanning over 10-12 sessions on a full charge. While this may not be the most impressive element across vaporizers of this size, it's made up through its pass-through charging ability. This means that if you’re on the go and the battery runs out, you can charge it through a battery pack. Making it a great option if you want to spend a day out and not have to worry about having to pack it away halfway through the day.


The Mighty Vaporizer is a little larger than their Crafty+ model, fitting more easily in your backpack or purse. It has an extended battery life making it perfect if you’re out and about for the whole day. Easily getting up to eighth full sessions before the battery runs dry. The Mighty also offers some pass-through abilities, after a few minutes of charging first.  

One very unique element seen in Storz & Bickel vaporizer ranges is the heating ovens used. The Mighty uses a blend of convection and conduction heating methods, which is a rare trait in vaporizers. This hybrid heating system ensures that all your material is being heated instantly to produce thick tasty vapour, which is what we're all after. 

And there you have it! If the amazing and innovative features of these vaporizers haven't convinced you to add a Storz & Bickel to your collection, have a browse of all the high quality Storz & Bickel products and accessories we have available. And as an added bonus, here’s a discount code from us for your next vaporizer purchase! 0FAB10TBS = 10% off on THE BONG SHOP!