The Difference Between America Bongs Vs Australian Bongs

American Bongs

America has become the leading manufacturing country and innovator when looking towards the future of smoking culture. The culture seen in Australia is very similar to that in America, one large difference seen is the difference between our bongs. 

It may come as a surprise, but Australian and American bongs are quite different from one another. Today we’ll be taking a look into the difference found within this family of bongs

How are Australian and American Bongs Different?

While the shape and general look of Australian and American bongs look pretty similar there is a slight difference in their function and design. This small functional difference may not be very noticeable to most smokers but the bong model you decide to use can ultimately change your smoking experience, which is why as a beginner or experienced smoker you should be fully aware of the difference between these models. 

The small difference found between these two models is found in the base of the bong. An American bong will have a slider or bowl downstem, which is pulled out while taking a hit, acting as a suction pressure that draws the smoke down through the mouthpiece as you inhale. When using an Australian bong you won’t find this slider, instead you’ll find a hole that will need to be covered by your finger as well as a permanent bowl. While it does work in the same way a glass removable slider will suit some smokers more than others. 

Waterfall Zap Bonza - The Australian Bong 

The Waterfall Zap Bonza is one classic Australia bong that has set the base level for many others. It's also a classic example for the standard that’s been set for Australian bongs, and the type of models that have been favoured by us Aussie smokers. You’ll notice that these bongs have a removable stem, which may seem exactly like the American model but isn’t quite. While this stem can be removed purely for cleaning purposes and isn’t actually moved at all during your session.

Planet X Apollo Straight Glass - The American Bong

When looking at this American styled bong the first thing you may notice is the very straight neck and shape, unlike Australian models which have a rounded base, American models are much straighter, with a larger flat base. Looking at a model like this you’ll see the detachable slider. Most of these styled bongs have interchangeable sliders that have different bowl sizes and styles. Which is where the large demand for these styles come in, as they offer more styles and looks for your bong. 

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